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“weren't you going on about “minecraft is boring” like 5-7 months ago”
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Minecraft is a sandbox game by Mojang Studios that began in 2009,1) started sales in 2010,2) fully released in 2011,3) then it was acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 billion in 2014.4)5) Over time, the game would be split into the “Java Edition”6) and the C++ “Bedrock Edition”.7)8)

Brief history

In the beginning, Minecraft was a simple game with a lot of potential, growing into an online phenomenon as word spread through bulletin boards,9) games like Runescape, or YouTube videos, and its community was invested enough to establish its immense modding scene. After dominating the early 2010s, Minecraft mostly fell out of relevance with Microsoft's acquisition in September 2014 for many reasons.

People were generally unhappy about recent updates breaking mods, development stagnating as they were juggling the Bedrock Engine,10) and how it felt that Microsoft assumed the target audience was children11) instead of appealing to a broader audience. In other words, Minecraft was becoming uncool as people shifted their focus onto games like Fortnite or Roblox.

Then in 2019, Minecraft saw a revival for its 10th anniversary as popular YouTube personalities revisited it, allowing streamers on Twitch and YouTube to feel more comfortable with Minecraft content,12) then casual multiplayer gaming was in demand with the pandemic lockdowns. During this time, Microsoft began urging legacy Mojang accounts to migrate from October 21, 202013) to September 19, 2023.14)

Java Edition overview

Version Lifespan 💎 Notes
1.0 2011-11-18 1m 26d Y=11 Added an endgame to Minecraft, The End.
1.1 2012-01-12 1m 18d
1.2 2012-02-29 4m 28d
1.3 2012-07-26 2m 24d Merged single-player mode into multi-player mode.
1.4 2012-10-19 4m 23d Added Redstone and the Baby Zombie.
1.5 2013-03-13 3m 13d
1.6 2013-06-25 3m 28d Added resource packs, replacing texture packs.
1.7 2013-10-22 10m 12d The final version of Minecraft before the acquisition.
Added more biomes, more structures, etc.
1.8 2014-09-02 1y 5m 28d Major overhaul, forces all past mods to be rewritten.
Added the Ocean Monument and stackable food.
Development stagnates, so general interest dies out.
1.9 2016-02-29 3m 11d The controversial Combat Update, adding cooldowns.
Added shields, the End City, and Elytra wings.
1.10 2016-06-08 5m 6d
1.11 2016-11-14 6m 25d Added the Woodland Mansion and Totem of Undying.
1.12 2017-06-07 1y 1m 12d Added the advancements, replacing achievements.
1.13 2018-07-18 9m 6d Bedrock Edition catches up to Java Edition.
Added phantoms (insomnia) and reworked the ocean.
Performance issues start around here.
1.14 2019-04-23 7m 18d Reworked villagers and villages. Added in the panda.
General interest starts picking back up.
1.15 2019-12-10 6m 14d Added bees.
1.16 2020-06-23 11m 17d Reworked the Nether, added the netherite armor set.
1.17 2021-06-08 5m 23d Mostly a weird preview for the big 1.18 update.
1.18 2021-11-30 6m 9d Y=-58 Major overhaul, notably extends the world's height.
Log4Shell15) exploit is patched in
1.19 2022-06-07 1y 1d Added allays, swamps, ancient cities, and boat chest.
Player reporting tools notably added in
1.20 2023-06-07 1y 6d Added trail ruins (archaeology) and cherry blossoms.
1.21 2024-06-13 Ongoing
Year / Event Proposed mob Votes Additional notes
Minecon Earth 2017
Phantom 27% 37% 52% Introduced in 1.13.
Great Hunger 26% 35% 48%
Wildfire 24% 28%
Barnacle 23%
NetEase Poll for China
Giant panda (大熊猫) 60.5% Introduced in 1.14.
Poll was exclusive to China."国宝来啦!票选你最期待加入《我的世界》的国宝". NetEase.
Rigged or coincidence?"《我的世界》历史上最大的“投票”骗局!真相:熊猫早就内定了!" (July 3, 2023). Sohu.
Yangzi alligator (扬子鳄) 15.3%
Golden monkey (金丝猴) 11.1%
White-lipped deer (白唇鹿) 6.9%
Whitefin dolphin (白鳍豚) 6.2%
Minecraft Live 2020
Glow Squid 36.9% 52.7% Introduced in 1.17.
“Rigged” by streamers.
Iceologer 34.8% 47.3%
Moobloom 28.3%
Minecraft Live 2021
Allay 51.0% 54.3% Introduced in 1.19.
Copper Golem 37.8% 45.7%
Glare 11.2%
Minecraft Live 2022
Sniffer 55.1% Introduced in 1.20.
Rascal 27.7%
Tuff Golem 17.2%
Minecraft Live 2023
Crab TBD
Armadillo TBD
??? TBD

Running the Java Edition

Minecraft launchers

You don't have to stick the official Minecraft launcher or bear through the bloated CurseForge launcher, as there are many open-source alternatives. If you choose to pirate with a cracked launcher,18) do be mindful that server owners would have to make an exception19) and every player on the server would have to install something like OfflineSkins or SkinsRestorer on their client.

Launcher Java setup 🔑 Notes
MultiMC and its derivatives
MultiMC GitHub Manual ✔️ The classic. However, the CurseForge modpack import method doesn't work for now.20)
GitHub last commit (branch)
PrismLauncher GitHub Manual ✔️ The MultiMC fork, with the former PolyMC devs.21)
GitHub last commit (branch)
UltimMC GitHub Manual The cracked version of MultiMC.
GitHub last commit (branch)
PollyMC GitHub Manual The cracked version of the MultiMC fork.
GitHub last commit (branch)
Non-MultiMC launchers
GDLauncher GitHub Auto/Manual ✔️
GitHub last commit (branch)
ATLauncher GitHub Auto/Manual ✔️
GitHub last commit (branch)
SKLauncher GitHub Auto
GitHub last commit (branch)

The launcher will usually let you select a “Java Runtime Environment” (JRE) required to play Minecraft, but some may force you to be aware of this decision and manually install one, rather than grant the option to automatically install OpenJDK for you and avoid further confusion on an already complicated process. Below is a handful of distributions that you may choose from, though it's specifically for Windows.

Java 18
(Minecraft 1.17 and newer)
Java 8
(Minecraft 1.16 and older)
Azul Azul Azul MultiMC's recommendation.22)
Adoptium Eclipse Temurin Eclipse Temurin You will have to manually select it.
Microsoft Microsoft OpenJDK The default version.
Java/Oracle Oracle JDK Java

Picking Forge or Fabric?

If you wish to play a modified version of Minecraft, there are two main mod loaders: Forge and Fabric. “Forge” is the older of the two and slower to develop, while “Fabric” is intentionally lightweight and recent since it came out of “Forge” spending months on a 1.13-compatible version. As a rule of thumb, “Forge” is for additional content and “Fabric” is for performance and quality-of-life.


  • Minecraft used to be priced at €5 during Indev/Infdev, €10 during Alpha, €15 during Beta,23) €20 on release, $27 around May 2016,24) and now it costs $30. Sadly, it almost never goes on sale.
  • I didn't own Minecraft growing up. I just never felt the need to have it since I had a Windows Vista, modding and booting up the game looked complex, then it became “uncool” once I had income.
    • I would eventually have a valid reason to buy the game in November 2020, though I still stand by the opinion that Terraria is much better and more reasonably priced than Minecraft.
    • For my personal reference, I have the “GUI scale” set to 2 and the “FOV Effects” set to OFF.
  • During his early marketing attempts, Notch would notably visit 4chan's “Video Games” (/v/) board with the tripcode of !!pvnhARpwdMO around October 20, 2010,25)26) explaining the “Woo, /v/!” splash.
    • On October 3, 2016, Notch joked about buying 4chan for a quads GET,27)28) but rescinded this29) since he had realized the contradictions in “free speech” and deemed it too chaotic.30)
  • Minecraft and RuneScape were both Java games. The overlap really shouldn't be a huge surprise.
  • It's important to remember that shields didn't exist until 2016, which may explain the abundance of old creeper memes (e.g. “S” spam, “shame if something happened”, etc.) at the time.
  • “SMP” (Survival Multiplayer) is a server type, but it can be further categorized into game modes like: vanilla, semi-vanilla, modded, peaceful, anarchy, economy, factions, skyblock, roleplay, etc.
  • The exact split from JRE 8 to JRE 17 for Minecraft is debatable. The official pages claims that it starts with 1.18,31) but MultiMC says 1.1732) and a benchmarking page says
  • In the Minecraft Franchise Fact Sheets, the average Minecraft player age is 27 in 2021,34) a gradual increase from the average Minecraft player age of 24 in 2018.
  • You can find so much drama around Minecraft in general, my god.

Toggle day/night cycle chart.

  _ ___
 | |rュ rュ|
 | l,,, 凸 ;;!
  TT,,,'' T
 ._| l ;;;''|
   ¨  ¨
"About the game". Minecraft.
2) , 23)
"Minecraft Beta: December 20, 2010" (December 11, 2010). Tumblr.
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"Beta Test Better Together!" (July 31, 2017). Minecraft.
The splash screen would reference forums like 4chan, Facepunch, Reddit, Something Awful, etc.
At the time, the Bedrock Engine was still at “Pocket Edition Alpha” until December 19, 2016, then “Pocket Edition” became “Bedrock Edition” and caught up with “Update Aquatic” (Java 1.13) by July 10, 2018.
Putting all the merchandise aside, Minecraft Education is the most blatant example of this.
Examples of Minecraft content include: casual chatting, modded servers, roleplaying, speedrunning, etc.
"Java Edition is moving house" (October 21, 2020). Minecraft.
Early reports on the Log4j exploit “Log4shell” referred to it as the “dlog4j2” vulnerability.
"Minecraft Java Edition 1.19.1" (July 27, 2022). Minecraft.
To allow “offline” players into the server: set “online-mode” to “false” in the “” file.
"0.6.16 - The Modpack Apocalypse" (June 9, 2022). MultiMC.
Back in October 2022, the PolyMC project lead suddenly decided to "reclaim polymc from the leftoids" by ousting several developers, resulting in the belief that PolyMC had been “compromised” when their barely active project lead refused to step down while being an edgelord.
"/v/: That's me -> Notch !!pvnhARpwdMO" (October 20, 2010). Twitter.
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