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Something Awful

“the general public on the internet fucking sucks shit and I want those braindead idiots as far away from this site as possible”
– Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka1)

Something Awful (SA) started out as a cynical comedy website, founded by Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka on November 16, 1999, though most of its contributions to early 2000s internet culture were attributed to its forums which had a $10 paywall to filter out low-quality posters2) and ban evaders.3) It would eventually fade into relative obscurity by the late 2000s, partially since it was anti-mainstream by design.

Following domestic abuse allegations and subsequent community backlash, Kyanka would be pressured to transfer ownership to a long-time moderator named “Jeffery of YOSPOS” on October 9, 2020.4) One year later, it was reported that Kyanka had committed suicide on November 11, 2021,5) reportedly via gunshot as he had just lost a divorce ruling the previous day.6)

Notable forum acronyms

Most forums and subforums abide by a vaguely descriptive acronym, which occasionally changes whenever some administrator or moderator in the community wants to mess with it. I won't be going over every single instance, since it remains a general discussion forum at its core, but I will list the more notable acronyms with storied histories, regardless of whether it exists or not in the forum's current iteration:

  • GBS (General Bullshit)
  • FYAD (Fuck You And Die)
  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer)
  • LP (Let's Play)
  • LF (Laissez's Fair)7)
  • ADTRW (Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse)


  • The forum users call themselves “goon(s)” which is just a self-derogatory term they've adopted.
  • The basic features of the forum are hidden behind a “premium” fee, separate from their “registration” fee, so you'll occasionally come across users with the default “TRUMP LOVER” avatar.
  • For politics, they used to be rather conservative in the 2000s but changed in the 2010s, evident by how much a right-wing infested board like 4chan's /pol/ actively hates Something Awful.

See also

  • 4chan - Introduced to Something Awful in 2003.8) A lot of early 4chan culture shows heavy influence from Something Awful,9) then after Lowtax finally had enough of the website around 2005.
  • Danganronpa - The first two games were fan-translated here before companies started localizing it.
  • GameCenter CX - Many episodes were fan-translated by the SA-GCCX fansubbing group.
  • Raspberry Heaven - An ancient Direct Connect hub for anime, with ties to their ADTRW subforum.
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For instance: “banhammer”, beecock, “kill it with fire”, image macros, motivational posters, and the infamous “(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)” ban message.
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