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Raspberry Heaven

Raspberry Heaven (RH) was the anime-themed Direct Connect hub that split from the Something Awful Direct Connect Hub.1) It's sometimes mentioned for its role in 4chan history, but there isn't much to say about it and the people you think are notable aren't really that.

Connection to 4chan

There has been endless amounts of historical revisionism around 4chan and Raspberry Heaven, but 4chan founder Christopher Poole states that Raspberry Heaven had “like 20-40 active members” and only pulled moderators from this community in the first two years, then states that 4chan wasn't a “secret club” for anime and notes that it mostly drew in people that had zero connection to Something Awful.2)

Most of the confusion around the subject comes from revisionists elevating Something Awful's importance to the subject matter,3)4) when it actually had very little. The narrative usually claims that 4chan was made for Something Awful users, allegedly banned for pedophilia or shitposting, and shoehorns in the 2005 bans for a website made in 2003. Again, Poole has debunked this.5)6)


  • “Raspberry Heaven” (ラズベリー天国, Razuberī Tengoku) is an obvious reference to the ending theme for the 2002 anime adaptation for the yonkoma comedy manga Azumanga Daioh.
    • In the beginning, the front page had the logo surrounded by 50×50 Azumanga Daioh icons,7) then 100×100 avatars were added in a later version8) until it was accidentally deleted.9)
    • Sometime after the 2006 Haruhi Suzumiya trend, the front page would have their logo and links accompanied by several Haruhi Suzumiya images, most of them being 100×100 avatars.10)
  • This did not warrant its own article, but the trend of weird teenagers picking up ancient names and pretending to be the forerunners by putting something there has forced my hand.
  • It still, very much, has an active IRC channel that really isn't hard to find. You can dig for that yourself.
  • How has nobody archived their wiki properly in the decade it was up? What the fuck?11)
The “Something Awful Direct Connect Hub” (SADCHUB) was a general file sharing hub and chatroom.
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The most egregious example of this is the 2019 book It Came from Something Awful, which should have been a pretty dead giveaway from the book's incredibly cheesy title.
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The Raspberry Heaven Wiki had many pages, but the only archived ones were: Eronarn, Full Metal Panic, Hannibal, JC KR3W, Mdl, Moé, Pedo drama, and Raspberry Heaven.
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