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711chan was a chaotic1) English bulletin board, founded by “jewlion” and “plasma”, that ran from November 20, 2007 to 2012. It was mostly known for the controversial Project Chanology. There have been two attempts to revive the website: one in 2014 and the ongoing one in 2022.



Around November 20, 2007,2) “jewlion” and “plasma” set up Kusaba X at the “” domain because of “7chan moderator drama”,3) but they did benefit from 420chan's brief downtime.4) As the “Invasion” (/i/) refuge was set up, it became another home for the Anonymous collective5) until the “CoS” (/xenu/)6) board for Project Chanology was criticized for actively wanting attention and died after three months.7)

From there, the PayPal account was closed,8) then 711chan temporarily went down to gather donations for their new server9) and came back after 16 days.10) As for the Anonymous collective, 711chan mostly lost relevance due to general stability issues. The pro-Chanology crowd moved over to Enturbulation,11) while the anti-Chanology crowd at 420chan kept its disdain over the events.

In 2009, a VPD detective working with Interpol asked 711chan to remove footage of a cat drowning,12) which they didn't and eventually displayed it on their front page after 4chan-associated DDoS attacks.13) There wasn't much to say after that, aside from 711chan staff joining Twitter,14) and the occasional Kusaba X exploit in 2010. It's presumed that 711chan eventually shut down around Spring 2012.15)


Around March 31, 2014, 314chan founder “parley” offered to host 711chan,16) so the website made a return at the old “” domain17) while using a modified Kusaba X fork. The website's front page saw a redesign on November 6, 2014,18) then 711chan died again in late 2015, and became a splash page for their IRC channel until 7-Eleven actually took the domain in 2020.


On December 10, 2022, “lolwut” and “Comatoast” resurrected 711chan,19) though they kept “Kusaba X” and had to settle at “” since the original domain was taken by the actual convenience store chain. Recently, the website set up a Tor address on February 8, 2023.20) While their timing is convenient, it doesn't look like 711chan's revival is related to 420chan's abrupt shutdown around August 2022.

List of Boards

Be warned of potentially disturbing content, possible epileptic imagery, and loud music, but you should probably be familiar with these things.

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  • The only noteworthy Twitter accounts mentioned in the news post are “Slowbro” (@slowbrohime), “Internets” (@mistercow), “Levo” (@levo75), and “WB” (@weedbaglicious).21)
  • On September 23, 2010, the news post had brought up “russian porn spammers”.22) Is this anything?

See also

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  • ( - The front page of the third 711chan. Tor is available.
“711chan” intends to capture the chaotic essence of 4chan's /b/ at its peak, before it went professional.
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The Church of Scientology can be abbreviated to “CoS”, while Xenu is a key figure in their lore.
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“” (Why We Protest Forums) was a short-lived resource and pseudonymous forum for Project Chanology, advocating for “IRL Trolling” which encompassed real-world activism and protests.
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The last known archive was on January 26, 2012, meaning that it died sometime before June 18, 2012. I can't extract exact dates because the history technically continues.
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