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U-18chan is an English furry bulletin board with a convoluted history that spans back to 2006 with Aurorachan's /fur/ board. They were technically founded by “Filthy” and “Jay” in June 2009 as an IB4F board, then became independent around December 2010.


In 2006, there used to be a “Furry” (/fur/) board on Aurorachan whose users kept raiding 4chan's /b/ board as anti-furry sentiments were still high. These activities led to “Serpentor” establishing the “AuroraFurries” chatroom on Xat to co-ordinate their raids better. It was hard limiting the community to one board, so the first independence attempt was made by “Jay” and used Kusaba. However, this didn't last long.1)

They would turn to IB4F where “Filthy” and “Jay” (“AlienSloth Man”) set up FilthySlothChan in June 2009,2) asked “Serpentor” to formally move Aurorachan's furry community there, then renamed to U-18chan on October 22, 20093) since they joked that their community evaded raids like a U-18 submarine. Aurorachan eventually closed their /fur/ board, essentially sealing the deal.

Interestingly, the administrators decided to register the “”, “”, and “” domains on September 10, 2010,4) then “Infinitus” was forced to shutter IB4F in late November 2010.5) This forced U-18chan to become independent again on December 2, 2010, starting over with a new installation of Kusaba X and temporarily borrowed Krautchan's mascot, Heinrich, as he fit their U-18 theming.6)

Due to performance issues with base Kusaba X, “Jay” requested IB4F's fork from “Infinitus”, which was then modified and installed on July 28, 2011.7) Around September 24, 2012, a power surge killed the hard drive hosting the servers, forcing them to salvage what was left and move to a new datacenter.8) Since then, it has been going strong for over a decade.

List of Boards

The “Index” is a weird version of the “Catalog” that has paging, but they also have a Recent and Search tool if that seems more useful.

Note: This list was retrieved on 2021-11-14. It may have changed since then.


  • If it's not obvious, the U-18chan staff has explicitly stated that they don't condone Nazi ideology and don't wish to “spread the hatred and prejudice associated” on April 18, 2017.9)
  • Their current mascot is “Valkria”, a female sergal who technically wears a Schutzstaffel uniform, but is rarely drawn with clothes for obvious reasons. A special page can be found at /vlkyra/.
  • U-18chan had a “Scalies” (/scale/) board, but it closed in 2017 and was deleted some time after.
  • U-18chan - The front page of U-18chan.
    • @u18chan on Twitter - The official U-18chan account. It's mostly technical stuff.
  • U-18chan on WikiFur
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