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“[20:44:01] <Shaky> krautchan”

Krautchan was a German bulletin board website, established by former Einskanal users, that was established on May 1, 2007. Its domain was sniped on March 13, 2018, then “Der General” declared Krautchan dead in an IRC channel on March 21, 2018.


Prior to Krautchan, there was Onechan in 2005 which was sold to sketchy owners, so most people migrated to Einskanal in 2006.1) However, Einskanal was short-lived and closed on December 25, 2006, so some former users migrated to the a Dreikanal board or an IRC channel that would start the “Neukanal” project that later became “Krautchan” after a brainstorming session on February 12, 2007.

The “” domain would be registered on April 29, 2007, then Krautchan would formally open on May 1, 2007 with the boards running on the Wakaba script. The news spread to 4chan2) and Krautchan would quickly dominate Onechan in terms of popularity. However, within two months, their website temporarily died on June 30, 2007 due to a damaged disk.

Later on, Krautchan faked its death on October 13, 2008. There isn't much else to its history, aside from the apparent popularity of its /int/ board and cultivating Wojak memes. After several years, Krautchan lost its domain on March 13, 2018, then “Der General” quietly announced that Krautchan dead in an IRC channel on March 21, 2018 since he got too old and wasn't interested in transferring ownership.

List of Boards

  • VIP
    • Undefeated [b]
    • International [int]
    • Best of the Best [vip]
  • General
    • Anime & Manga [a]
    • Computers [c]
    • Comics & Cartoons [co]
    • Drugs [d]
    • Food & Drinks [e]
    • Vehicles [f]
    • Ask Bernd [fb]
    • Bicycles and Ecchi [fe] - Allows both 2D and 3D images.
    • Fitness [fit]
    • Otaku Heaven [jp]
    • Creatuve [k]
    • Literature [l]
    • Lifestyle [li]
    • Music [m]
    • Nature & Wildlife [n]
    • Money & Finance [ng]
    • Politics & News [p]
    • Philosophy [ph]
    • /prog/ [prog]
    • Toys [sp]
    • Technology [t]
    • Travel [trv]
    • Turing Completeness [tu] - Social.
    • Film & TV [tv]
    • Video Games [v]
    • Science [w]
    • World Pains [we] - Weltschmerz is a term coined by Jean Paul.
    • Weapons & War [wk]
    • Wallpapers [wp]
    • Drawing [z]
    • MS Paint [zp]
  • Trial
    • Fetish & BDSM [ft]
    • Religion [r]
  • Masturbation Material
    • Hentai [h]
    • Sexy Women [s]
  • Other
    • Moderation [bans]
    • Krautchan [kc]
    • Radio-Free Krautchan [rfk]
  • Lowest of the Low
    • Ronny vs. Sören [rvss] - Politics. The names are stereotypes.3)


Kohlchan (Kohlkanal)

Kohlchan was launched at the "" domain on March 18, 2018 and it runs the Tinyboard fork, Vichan. It's said to be Krautchan's successor, but some disagree as it's more like what Sosach is to Dvach. Recently, it was accused for another imageboard's mass shooting4) and hid at "" for a few weeks, then opened "" due to issues with the cache server.


Ernstchan was launched at the “” domain in February 2010, but they initially used Futabally for a month before using the Wakaba fork, Phutaba. They were mainly known as a Krautchan refuge, but they were also significantly strict. For some reason, it shut down three months after Krautchan did on June 3, 2018, but someone shortly resurrected it at the "" domain.


  • Krautchan's mascot was a white cat in a Nazi uniform named “Heinrich”, now seen holding a cabbage on Kohlchan's front page, whereas Ernstchan's mascot is a mole named “Ernstwurf”.
  • The website ran a rather impressive fork of Wakaba called Desuchan. Unfortunately, it seems like Der General won't publish Desuchan's source code, despite Krautchan being officially dead.5)
  • Starting in 2011, some Ylilauta users started bringing over over Finnish board culture to Krautchan (e.g. Spurdo Spärde, Apu Apustaja, Proofs, Gondola, etc.). They were initially deemed an annoyance and once had a country-wide ban for spamming /int/, but then users started enjoying it unironically.
  • Krautchan [Archive] - The front page of Krautchan, archived February 24, 2018.
  • Krautkanal - Krautchan's archive.
“Einskanal” was a short-lived German bulletin board that used the Thorn script and ran from April 11, 2006 to December 25, 2006. It was housed at the “” domain.
“Ronny” is a stereotypical right-winger, while “Sören” is a stereotypical left-winger.
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