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Ylilauta (lit. “Overboard”) is a popular Finnish bulletin board website that surfaced on February 20, 2011 when decided to merge with Kotilauta. It was founded by Aleksi Kinnunen (Sopsy), who failed to sell it in 2012, so the website is now operating under “Lauta Media Ltd”.


Prior to Ylilauta, there was Finnchan in 2006 which ran Kusaba, but shut down in October 2007 after 87,000 hashed passwords were uploaded. On December 10, 2007, Kuvalauta (lit. “Imageboard”) would succeed it, then died on August 31, 2010 after their war with Northpole. This was followed by Kotilauta (lit. “Homeboard”) and, who were initially at war before suffered enough financial problems.

As a compromise, they merged and became Ylilauta on February 20, 2011. Within its first year, the Police of Finland contacted them 17 times1) and Nelonen televised a news story on Ylilauta2) since it saw three data leaks within a month.3) On April 1, 2012, Kinnunen tried selling Ylilauta starting at 30,000 Euros,4) which was allegedly finalized as they moved from “ylilauta.fl” to “” on May 1, 2012.

There isn't much else to its history, aside from several charities, hate campaigns, and organized trolling that isn't worth documenting. In 2017, there were rising anti-anime sentiments that led to anime being banned outside of /a/ and /rr/ from February 23, 2017 to April 3, 2017. Afterwards, the website kept making unpopular changes pushing Gold Accounts, as users complain about excessive gambling advertisements.

List of Boards

Most of the boards on Ylilauta require an account that is older than a week (or 168 hours), essentially coercing you into registering an account. This is likely done to minimize complaining about advertisements.

Note: This list was retrieved on 2023-10-09.5) It may have changed since then.


  • Under preferences, you can change the display language from Finnish to English.
  • “Jonne” is a term for a stereotypical Finnish teenager that drank Euro Shopper energy drinks and used Jonneweb, a website that linked to Kuvalauta6) and indirectly created Spurdo Spärde.
  • Early 4chan users used to say “epic”, “win”, and “epin”, then it became mainstream and uncool. The Finnish internet would inherit these mannerisms, then Kuvalauta wordfilted “epic”, so users would say “epig” until Spurdospeak became popular and popularized “ebig” or “ebin” some time after.

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