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Wizardchan is an English bulletin board which is intended for adult males that have managed to retain their virginity. The original ran from 2012 to 2014, burning through several administrators, while the second incarnation has remained active since 2015.



On July 8, 2012, former 4chan users “Mr_Pacific” and “Keivi” establish the first incarnation of Wizardchan at the “” domain using Tinyboard.1) At some point, Fredrick “Copypaste” Brennan had quickly rose through the ranks and purchased Wizardchan around March 2013, since “Mr_Pacific” grown tired of the website2) and preferred to be in a passive role,3) accepting $20 to cover transfer fees.

After its first anniversary, “Keivi” was ousted on July 26, 2013 for criticizing “Copypaste” opening Wizardchan up to non-wizards in what he claimed was an attempt to impress 4chon, diminishing the website's quality.4) This was followed by the 20-year-old “Copypaste” losing his virginity on September 27, 2013,5) an action that he later regrets,6) and handing Wizardchan to “Glaive” before establishing 8chan.

Then on December 12, 2013, the community was attacked by Zoë Quinn for certain posts,7)8)9) not made by any Wizardchan regulars,10)11) but planted the seeds for what later became GamerGate nonetheless. Under the administration of “Glaive” and “Anachronos”, the website ended up dying December 22, 2014 with the “” domain redirecting to some completely random woman's personal blog.12)


On December 23, 2013, former Wizardchan moderators established, rather quickly, the second incarnation of Wizardchan at the “” domain using the Vichan fork.13) Many other potential successors emerged (e.g. Magicchan, Warlockchan, Merlinchan), but these alternatives evidently didn't get too far. Despite it being up for almost a decade, there isn't that much to modern Wizardchan's history.

List of Boards


  • The term “wizard”, in this context, stems from the 2011 anime adaptation of Haganai, joking that people who remain virgins past 30 years old become “magic users” (魔法使い, mahou-tsukai).14)
    • Male virgins below this requirement are deemed “Apprentice Wizards” or “Junior Wizards” instead.
    • Unfortunately, this premise makes it an easy target for trolling and ideological grooming.
    • It probably doesn't help that Grand Wizard is a well-known neologism for white supremacist, as this is an actual title in the Statesian far-right white supremacist organization Ku Klux Klan.
  • Despite being labelled as an incel community,15) they actually reject this label, filter it to “crab”, and will generally become hostile towards anybody voluntarily identifying as “incel” in general.
  • Personally, I doubt that the community is actually above the age of 30, let alone above the age of 18.
  • Wizardchan [Archive] - The front page of Wizardchan, archived December 23, 2014.
  • Wizardchan - The front page of the second incarnation of Wizardchan.
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The term “mahou-tsukai” (魔法使い, lit. “magic user”) is more of a general term, with possible translations being “magician”, “wizard”, “sorcerer”, “witch”, “mage”, and so forth.
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