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2channel (2channel.ru)

2channel was a Russian bulletin board website that emerged on January 23, 2009.1) It was likely meant to be a joke, pretending that the previous administration turned everything to Kareha-based textboards. They would end up closing in the summer of 2018 for unknown reasons.


Primary Tagline Secondary Tagline Notes
2ch.ru's Taglines (2006-2009)
2006-08 Добро пожаловать
What can we do you for?
2008-09 Добро пожаловать. Снова.
Welcome. Again.
I don't want to go on the cart.
2channel.ru's Taglines (2009-2018)
2009-13 Добро пожаловать. Теперь текстовый.
Welcome. It's all text now.
I'll bring it all back! Frames era.
2013-18 Добро пожаловать. Всегда.
Welcome. As always.
2channel is a non-cake.
2018 Добро пожаловать. В никуда.
Welcome. To nowhere.

List of Boards

  • Discussion
    • Discussion [d]
  • General
    • ASCII & Shift-JIS Art [aa]
    • Animals [an]
    • Automobiles [au]
    • Nonsense [b]
    • Board Games [bg]
    • Literature [bo]
    • Copypasta [cp]
    • Dining Room [di]
    • End of the World [ew]
    • Flash [f]
    • [fa]
    • Foreign Languages [fl]
    • Girls [g]
    • Hikikomori [hk]
    • Music [mu]
    • Philosophy [ph]
    • Politics [po]
    • Programs [s]
    • Science [sc]
    • Sports [sp]
    • Technology [t]
    • Transportation [tr]
    • TV & Cinema [tv]
    • Video Games [vg]
    • Weapons [w]
    • Warhammer [wh]
  • Anime
    • Anime [a]
    • Manga [ma]
    • Fandom [fd]
    • Visual Novels [vn]

Note: These boards were removed in 2009 and removed in 2013.

  • 2channel [Archive] - The front page of 2channel, archived May 13, 2018.
The oldest 2channel thread that I could find was an /s//g//hk/ thread, originally titled “1 get”, with a Unix timestamp of “1232701704” (2009-01-23 09:08 GMT). The /g/ variant is archived here.
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