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This article is about Old Dvach. For New Dvach, see Sosach.

Dvach (Двач) was a Russian bulletin board website that was founded by Vickenty Fesunov (Викентий Фесунов), with the help of “Zoi” (Зой), on February 9, 2006. This iteration would abruptly shut down on January 17, 2009, leaving users scrambling until Sosach emerged.


It's said that some Russian users on 4chan wanted a Russian imageboard of their own, so they registered “” on February 9, 2006 and launched Dvach around February 21, 2006, announcing this to some Russian anime group on LiveJournal.1) Most of its early history consists of anime fans, localized memes, and net characters like “USSR-tan” (СССР-тян) and “Russia-onee-sama” (Россия-онее-сама).

Around August 23, 2006, 4chan's “/b/-day” fiasco crossed over into Dvach's /b/, so an /rf/ board was quietly set up for those tired of the Americans. Despite this, the website remained slow and threads often reached their set bump limit. This would change by Spring 2007 when a spammer wiped the board, bringing attention to Dvach's slow administration and lack of CAPTCHA.

It became difficult to communicate with constant board wipes, so IIchan was set up as an actually moderated alternative on June 1, 2007. For some reason, CAPTCHA wasn't enabled until 2008 and, unsurprisingly, it stabilized the website. However, the community drastically changed since then, with low-effort content turning into a staple. Then, Dvach abrutply shut down on January 17, 2009, leaving users scrambling.


  • Dvach utilized Wakaba and Kareha as they were the best software availible at the time.
    • They're probably why the “Photon” theme became popular enough that even 4chan copied it.
  • Dvach did have IIchan in their sidebar, but the communities grew apart as time went on.
  • Zoi was often mistaken as the administrator, as his name was on the WHOIS.
  • In 2014, Zoi revealed in an interview that Dvach was shut down because Fesunov simply got tired of managing the website and things got way out of hand.2)

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"" (February 22, 2006). LiveJournal.
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