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Noldvach (Нольдвач), or Mentach (Ментач), is a Russian bulletin board launched on January 17, 2009 as a refuge for Dvach users. It was up for three months, went down in April 30, 2009 and did return on September 6, 2009, but shut down for good on February 23, 2010.


On January 17, 2009, Dvach shut down and Noldvach was immediately established at the “” domain, though it had a peculiar set of boards including one for child pornography. It was mostly lawless, despite its “law and order” (Закон и порядок) slogan, but they were eventually forced to move child pornography out. A few days later, they registered the “” and “” domains on January 19, 2009.

They saw many problems and started breaking down by April 16, 2009. At some point, the “” domain stopped working so they moved to the “” domain which would later stopped working on April 30, 2009. By this point, most of its users fled to Nullchan or Dvatirech. Somebody opened a refuge website at the “” domain, though it wasn't popular compared to the original website.

On September 6, 2009, the original Noldvach came back and it looked like the content was preserved, but it was shortly removed. It saw a small surge in activity when the refuge website shut down in November 2009 and tried to advertise shirts on Dvatirech, but this revival was short-lived as it would later shut down for good on February 23, 2010. Afterwards, a number of spinoff websites emerged and it gets confusing.


This isn't really worth documenting.


  • Like many other Russian bulletin boards at the time, the original Noldvach used Wakaba.
  • Noldvach was founded by “Artom Zhirkov” (Артём Жирков), who was 17 years old at the time and used to post on Dvach and Krautchan. He apparently fled to China to avoid military service.1)2)
  • Mentach roughly means something like Copchan, which is probably a knock at the website's slogan.
  • The child pornography board moved to “” but it seems like it didn't survive that long.
  • Noldvach [Archive] - The front page of Noldvach (, archived 2009-02-11.
  • Noldva-ch [Archive] - The front page of Noldva-ch (, archived 2009-09-15.
  • Mentach [Archive] - The front page of Mentatch (, archived 2022-08-05.
    • @02chsu on Twitter - Hasn't been updated in ages.
  • on Noobtype Wiki
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