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Lolifox (Лолифокс), or Lisach (Лисач),1) was a Russian bulletin board that split from BRchan and founded by “Asuza” (Азуса)2) on June 20, 2017. It has a troubled history, being sold, poorly managed, and added to Russia's internet blacklist until it became no more on May 29, 2019.


In 2016, Sosach refugees fled to BRchan and “Utsuho” later became BRchan's main coder. However, these users would suddenly turn against “Kaklina” around June 20, 2017, stealing BRchan and moving it over to “” which “Utsuho” registered on June 21, 2017. No issues surfaced until they screwed up HTTPS. On August 21, 2018, “Asuza” would sell Lolifox to “Abu” for 100,000₽ (≈ $1,500).

He didn't do much, so nobody donated, and he'd open up the idea for a $5 paywall on pedophilic content in January 2019.3) By April 16, 2019, Roskomnadzor added “” domain to the Russian Internet Blacklist, then the “” domain got suspended. For some reason, Lolifox is returned to “Asuza” on May 27, 2019, who made it redirect to some porn site on May 29, 2019.

List of Boards

  • Miscellaneous
    • Anime [a]
    • Anime Art [aa] - “Beautiful.”
    • Random [b]
    • International [int]
    • My Little Pony [mlp] - “Board for My Little Pony fans.”
    • Site Operations [mod] - “Complaints and Suggestions.”
    • Risovach [r] - “Mushroom fungus, my friend.”
    • Refuge [rf] - “Asylum.”
    • Official Threads [rus] - “So it goes.”
  • Technology
    • Crypto-Anarchism [ca] - “Crypto-Anarchism, Cypherpunk, Practical Information Security.”
    • Electronics [e] - “We soldier computers, shoot each other with plasma, and bounce on moon.”
    • Programming [pr]
    • Education [ruedu] - “Education, development, enlightenment, knowledge, reason.”
    • Software [s] - “Sad, soft-touch.”
    • Technach [tech]
  • Politics & News
    • News [news] - “News of the world and internet. Popular science articles.”
    • /pol/: Russian Edition [polru] - “And we still have…”
  • Hobbies
    • Alcohol [alco] - “Everything related to alcohol and drinking.”
    • Art [art]
    • Automobiles [au]
    • Furry [f] - “Fuzzies.”
    • Foreign Languages [fl]
    • Fantasy [fs]
    • Korean Pop Music [kpop] - “A board about everything related to Korea and K-pop.”
    • Magic [mg] - “We are exploring this unusual area of activity.”
    • Music [mu] - “Music and Musicians.”
    • Touhou [to] - “Touhou board.”
    • Tulpa [tulpa] - “Everything about imaginary friends.”
  • Games
    • Game Dev [gd] - “Game development.”
    • Massive Multiplayer Online Games [mmo]
    • Video Games [vg] - “Video games.”
  • R-18
    • Pornо [fap] - “Your favorite perversions and fetishes. Or just porn.”


  • There used to be a Mozilla Firefox fork called “Lolifox” back then, but it's been dead since 2007.
  • If you were a newcomer to Lolifox, people would suggest visiting the /rus/ board first.
“Lisa” (Лиса) means “fox” in Russian.
The administrator was originally dubbed “Utsuho” (Уцухо) as they used Utusho Reiuji as an avatar in their early BRchan posts. She later became known as “Utsuha” (Уцуха), then “Azusa” (Азуса).
This isn't a smart idea because if you charge money for said content, you admit that your website is home for said content and that can open up a bunch of legal stuff, but it's unclear how you'd prove this.
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