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BRchan was a Brazilian Portuguese bulletin board that began on AnonIB, found independence under “R.” from 2006 to 2013, suddenly died, was controversially revived by “Kaklina” from 2015 to 2019, then it just became a temporary refuge until it started redirecting to VHSchan.



The website roughly began on AnonIB around May 2006,1) but since AnonIB's servers were terrible, so “R.” establishes an independent BRchan at “” around November 26, 2006 which used Kusaba X. Back then, 55chan overshadowed BRchan, so it was a quiet place to casually talk about Japanese subjects, complain about newcomers, and plan unsucessful raids.

But after 55chan abruptly shut down for good on October 2010, we'd see BRchan get overrun with 55chan refugees bringing over Dogola. Once things settled down, BRchan started taking donations to cover the server cost, but then it suddenly saw immense publicity on Facebook2) that moderating /b/ turned unrealistic. Eventually, BRchan shut down on April 19, 2013 and the refugees mostly migrated to 55ch.


For some reason, BRchan was revived by “Kaklina” around December 2015 and used “Vichan”, but it wasn't getting its old users back anytime soon, especially since it was bug-ridden. As “Kaklina” considered closing BRchan, it saw a random influx of Russian refugees from Sosach in September 2016, as they were in danger of closing and later made a controversial deal with

Thus, BRchan became a bilingual website.3) By November 2016, their programmer “Utsuho”4) had forked Vichan into Radiant, which allowed people make their own board. However, when “Kaklina” hesitated on upgrading the servers, “Utsuho” would coup BRchan on June 21, 2017 and move everything to Lolifox, which left BRchan without a coder and unstable until late September when they returned to “Vichan”.


During 2018, some users started a BRchan boycott, criticizing its already unpopular administration's ties to some well-known Telegram group and inaction on their organized chaos.5) In January 2019, BRchan switched to OpenIB, and let users make their own boards again, plus “Kaklina” took advice from “R.” on how to run the website, then a Telegram troll among the staff vandalized the website.

As a result, BRchan closed on January 2019, leaving an image of Kuruminha and nothing else. But then, on October 31, 2019, BRchan temporarily reopened for its 13th anniversary with Kusaba X, featuring “R.” and “Kaklina”, but the website remained buggy. It became as a short-term refuge from March 20, 2020 to May 10, 2020, then BRchan temporarily turned into a redirect to the nostalgia-focused VHSchan.

  • BRchan - The front page of BRchan, currently a placeholder page.
There is evidence that BRchan resided at “”, but no archives exist since AnonIB was mishandled by its later owners who ended up getting the domain blacklisted from internet archives.
The catalyst may have been a Facebook group called “Panelinha do Bananal” except it was ran by rejects who spread forced memes. There's probably more to say about them, but I'm not interested.
As a side note, there's a joke that “BRchan” now meant “Brazil/Russia-chan” when this happened.
The Russian coder was originally dubbed “Utsuho” (Уцухо) as they used Utusho Reiuji as an avatar in their early BRchan posts. She later became known as “Utsuha” (Уцуха), then “Azusa” (Азуса).
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