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VHSchan was a Brazilian Portuguese bulletin board that was founded by “III” on July 17, 2014 and, as of July 2023, temporarily shut down. It was intended for veteran users with its retro aesthetics, yet its relaxed attitudes towards homosexuality, leftism, and women made it stand out.


It's said that VHSchan was established by a then-underage group of friends who wanted a space for mature, adult discussions that allowed anonymous banter. At the time, it was considered an apolitical alternative to the conservative 27chan. Some alliances were proposed, but fell through. VHSchan would later face financial problems, but the donation drive failed, so they shut down around January 2017.

However, VHSchan managed to retain the data and resurfaced on October 17, 2018. Then in 2020, BRchan would redirect to VHSchan, who would upgrade to 27chan's Bazukachan fork of Vichan. In 2022, the staff began to enforce rules, causing some users to split off, then it was announced on February 10, 2022 that “III” planned to close VHSchan as he simply got old.

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List of Boards


  • VHSchan doesn't have any written rules, but as shitposters and trolls try to take advantage of this, there is simply a number of unwritten suggestions.
  • VHSchan - The front page of VHSchan.
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