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27chan is a Brazilian Portuguese bulletin board that was established by “Ninja” on July 27, 2014. It's a conservative community that once had a reputation of being strict on discussion quality, but the traffic has notably dwindled, allegedly due to a lack of moderation.



In response to the chaos at 55chan and 77chan, four disgruntled users set up 27chan at “”, but originally kept it secret for a while until it became a known refuge. The “27” in its name officially references the 27 federative units of Brazil. Naturally, they had technical problems in its first few years. At some point in time, 27chan came into contact and established relations with VHSchan.

By 2018, the board software changed from Vichan to NPFchan, the /mlpol/ fork of Vichan, and it incidentally grew as more people were dissatisfied with 55chan and BRchan. However, the moderation team became proactive while “Ninja” wasn't very active, so activity fell. Out of nowhere, 27chan's web host wiped the entire website over rule-breaking content.

This wipe essentially destroyed their backups and all progress that was made on the board software, which forced them to start all over. While 27chan did return after a few months, it'd eventually end up shuttering around December 2018. From there, the community migrated to /27ch/ and /27chan/ on 8chan, then it died, so they migrated again to /27ch/ and /27chan/ on the 8chan clone “”.


On March 24, 2020, “Ninja” relaunched 27chan at the original “” domain using the Bazukachan script, an open-source fork of the NPFchan fork. After two years, “Ninja” would discuss migrating from Vichan's legacy codebase to “jschan”, setting up an experimental instance at “” on June 7, 2023 before converting the website to “jschan” by the end of the year.

List of Boards

The number of boards have jumped from 13 to 56, but I generally don't translate long lists of mostly user-created boards if ~25% are active.

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  • Their brand of nationalist unity discourages localism, which clashes with right-wingers that eagerly bash the Northeast Region (Nordeste) of Brazil as they're usually politically left-leaning.
  • 27chan - The front page of 27chan.
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