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55chan was a Brazilian Portuguese bulletin board, established by “K”, that ran from May 2007 to October 2010. 55ch was their spiritual successor, emerging in October 2012, took the “” domain in October 2015, then shut down on January 15, 2021 and redirects to Favelachan.



On May 18, 2007, “K” sets up 55chan at “”, with “55” referencing Brazil's country calling code, and they used Kusaba X. 55chan was created after BRchan, but it was considerably more popular which doesn't mean it was necessarily good. It had a reputation of being a strict place, yet memes like Dogola would emerge. Then on October 2010, the host deleted the website for linking copyrighted material.


The users moved to BRchan and after two years, somebody sets up 55ch at “” on October 8, 2012 with Kusaba X. While it aimed to be a serious alternative and successor, it actually remained desolate until BRchan shut down on April 19, 2013. Some of BRchan's staff would later migrate to 55ch. However, in 2014, they started having server issues.

55ch would switch from Kusaba X to Tinyboard on July 22, 2014, and set up their refuge board on 8chan on September 22, 2014.1) By late 2015, they would outlive their competitors, then Dogolachan's owner began attacking “Hitmonkey” in hopes to steal 55ch's popularity. On August 5, 2015, 55ch went down and redirected users to a Brazilian Portuguese subtitled version of the Shii's Song flash.2)


The staff apparently purchased the old “” domain on October 12, 2015, revived 55ch as 55chan, used Tinyboard, and shared servers with SFChan. However, it didn't take long for 55chan to deteriorate, having moderator drama and users leaving for 27chan. The drama roughly ended in December 2018 with the staff cut down to the three most trusted.

In 2019, the staff began working on 55chan's code and migrated to the Vichan fork, SS, but this did not change 55chan's situation. Then on October 1, 2020, it was announced that 55chan would be closing in January 2021 as things got out of control and there was no real development or interest in moderation going on, so they'd rather have 55chan be shut down instead of letting it fester without moderation.

Most of 55chan's users have already decided to follow SFChan into 1500chan or migrate to a lesser known alternative like 56chan. It was later announced that 55chan would formally shut down on January 15, 2021. However, three days before the shutdown, the administrator stated that 55chan would redirect to Favelachan, but it didn't go over well.3) 55chan shut down and redirect to Favelachan.

List of Boards

  • VIP
    • Random [b]
    • Bairrism [bairro] @ 1500chan
    • Fail and Randomness [mago] - 30 year old wizards.
    • Moderation [mod]
    • International [int]
  • Entertainment
    • Japanese Subjects [an]
    • SFChan [sfc] @ SFChan
    • Games [jo]
    • Online Multiplayer [lan]
    • Music [mu]
    • Cartoons & Comics [hq]
    • Television [tv]
    • Literature [lit]
  • Productivity
    • Computing in General [comp]
    • Creation [cri]
    • Languages [lang]
    • DIY, Gambiarras, and Projects [macgyver]
    • Automobiles [pfiu]
    • Federal University of 55chan [UF55]
    • Finances [$]
  • Discussion
    • Politically Incorrect [pol]
    • Religon [sancti] @ 1500chan
    • Sports [esp]
    • Viadices [clô] - Fashion.
    • Pussy and Depression [escoria]
    • Fitness [fit]
  • Amorrrrrr
    • 2D Pornography [34]
    • *fapfapfap* [pr0n]
    • Feminine Penis [tr]
  • Hidden Boards
    • The Abyss [abyss] - Occultism.


  • 55chan has a total of two somewhat recognized mascots and neither of them are Dogola.
    • Favelito - A black man with curly hair, two short-barrel firearms, and a soccer ball. It's believed that the design was an Argentinian's joke submission for the 2014 FIFA World Cup's mascot.
    • 55-tan - A twin-tailed girl with green hair, blue eyes, and wears the colors of Brazil's national flag. It's believed that she's actually based off of Sari Sumdac from Transformers: Animated.
  • The website has a policy enforcing proper grammar and those who break this rule were banned under the assumption that they were underage and told to return to Orkut.
  • 55chan [Archive] - The front page of 55chan, archived January 15, 2021.
"Bem vindo." (September 22, 2014). 8chan /55ch/.
"Shii's Song 「Legendado」" (August 17, 2014). YouTube.
"Ano novo, Chan novo" (January 12, 2021). 55chan /b/.
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