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1500chan, or Caravela,1) is a Brazilian Portuguese bulletin board set up by former BRchan staff “N.” and “R.”2) on April 28, 2013. It used to be a niche website for older BRchan users, then SFChan and 55chan migrated here, and it essentially became a far-right cesspool.



When BRchan fell on April 19, 2013, the former BRchan moderator “N.” eventually sets up HUEchan at the “” domain with Kusaba X on April 28, 2013.3) The website name was unpopular, so HUEchan became 1500chan and moved to the “” domain on May 5, 2013.4) Despite their ties, the former BRchan users migrated to 55chan, so 1500chan became a niche website for old users.

Some attempts were made to switch to Tinyboard, but the programmer rejected the proposals, resulting in 1500chan and Salmãochan being one of the few who still used Kusaba X in 2018. Eventually, they would switch to Vichan, the Tinyboard fork, on August 13, 2018.5) Due to internal issues, they were stuck with the default theme and five boards for a number of months.

Then on October 30, 2019, 73chan essentially merged into 1500chan and 73chan's programmer “Eggman” helped out 1500chan with their own Vichan installation. As a result, 1500chan could finally change up their board list, and now offered the 1500chan “Cafe” and 73chan “Cloaca” themes. Again, it should be reiterated that 1500chan was still considered a niche “high quality” website up until the migrations in late 2020.


In late 2020, 55chan announced that it'd be shutting down, so one SFChan user contacted 1500chan on a possible merger. The joint announcement was made on October 5, 2020, relocating these users to a /jp/ board that SFChan's staff and the user who proposed the merger had control over.6) However, they weren't alone and most 55chan users decided to take refuge at 1500chan.

1500chan would capitalize on the opportunity, adding trial boards to accommodate former 55chan users on January 5, 2021 before 55chan shut down on January 15, 2021, then Emerson conducted a live stream ensuring that 1500chan was 55chan's true successor. A few months later, “N.” declared that 1500chan was a pro-Bolsonaro website on October 28, 2021, acknowledging its status as a far-right cesspool.7)8)

Around June 4, 2022, the website gained national attention for its pro-Bolsonaro fake news9) and rushed a Korean-language 404 page as a deterrent, then Lula won the 2022 presidential elections.

List of Boards

You'll be met with a fake 404 page. Input “Anônimo” as the name and “Eu sei usar acentuação e pontuação.” into the second CAPTCHA box. This will redirect you to /b/. Alternatively, there's a userscript.

Note: This list was retrieved on 2024-05-02. It may have changed since then.


  • The website mascot is a cockatiel (calopsita) as the early days of /b/ saw many cockatiel threads.
    • It led to the creation of a “Bird Culture” (/ave/) trial board, but this only lasted five months.10)
  • On the fake 404 page, “7(2x-3)-4(x+5) = 8(x-1)+3” would generate a graph whose answer is “x = 18”.
  • For some reason, the staff love pinned/stickied threads and making their presence known.
  • 1500chan - The front page of 1500chan.
The “1500” in “1500chan” is a reference to the year that the Portuguese Empire had discovered and established Colonial Brazil, notably arriving in Caravel (Caravela) ships.
“R.” was the founder of BRchan (2006-2013) and “N.” was a moderator on BRchan's /bairro/.
"Inauguração e boas vindas" (April 28, 2013). HUEchan.
"Estamos de volta." (August 13, 2018). 1500chan.
"Fim" (October 1, 2020). SFChan /jp/.
"In Brazil, QAnon Has a Distinctly Bolsonaro Flavor" (February 10, 2021). Foreign Policy.
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