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Shii's Song

Shii's Song (しぃのうた, Shii no Uta) is a Flash animation that was first uploaded to 2channel's /swf/ on March 2, 2002.1) While this animation didn't originally credit the author, it has since been attributed to “Takehara Minoru” (たけはらみのる), who would later make Natsumi Step.


The animation features a love story between Shii and Giko, set to the pitch-shifted English dub of Wind's Nocturne (風のノクターン) from Lunar: Silver Star Story and contains English subtitles. However, Shii would discover that Giko had fallen in love with Tsuu instead, then we're left with a vacated box for sale under a snowy day as the animation's credits roll.


  • The original “Wind's Nocturne” was sung by Luna's voice actress Kyōko Hikami in Japanese, but the animation uses the English dub of the song with Jennifer Stigile for some reason.
    • Since the song is copyrighted, the animation and its associated files would often get taken down, presumably through DMCA threats which reportedly come from JASRAC.
  • With its international spread, the original anonymous credit for Shii's Song was changed, causing the animation to be misattributed to “brandy199” on Albino Blacksheep2) or “Longcat” instead.
  • In the newer version, you can click and swipe your mouse over the flowers and cicada around Shii.
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