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Giko Neko (ギコ猫, lit. “Giko Cat”), also known as Giko (ギコ) and Giko Hanyan (ギコ・ハニャーン), is an AA character that had started out on Ayashii World in December 1998, but ended up on 2channel in 2000, and completely changed into the “Giko Neko” that we know today.


      ∧ ∧
 ~′ ̄(´ー`)
  UU ̄ U  U

Around December 3, 1998, the Ayashii World users made “Giko Neko” (擬古猫), which was named after the “gikohahaha” (ギコハハハ) laugh often seen on underground websites. However, you'll notice that “giko” is written as “giko” (擬古, lit. “imitating a classic”) and, as users stuck with this kanji misconversion, this cat used classical expressions with a slight modernistic twist to it.

~' ____(,,゚Д゚)
  UU    U U

At some point, he was picked up by 2channel around 2000 and became “Giko Neko” (ギコ猫) where he was given a new face, longer body, and started being used in a versatile manner as this variant spread.


  • Gorya! (ゴルァ!, lit. “hey!”) - A variation of “kora!” (こら!), meaning that it can be used to either reprimand someone or get somebody's attention depending on context.
  • Hanyan (ハニャーン) - Giko's catchphrase and surname. This actually originates from Cardcaptor Sakura, where it was originally used as Sakura Kinomoto's catchphrase.
  • Itteyoshi! (逝ってよし!, lit. “you can die” or “ready to die”) - An ancient workaround for the phrase, “die” (死ね, shine), as it was wordfiltered in the 1990s. The phrase lingered until people realized no such wordfilter exists. It's believed that the phrase is from The Prince of Tennis as Sasaki Tarō told people that “you can go”, the phrase's original meaning.

Text artwork

            ∧∧   (,,゚Д゚)    ∧∧
      ∧∧   (,,゚Д゚)  ⊂  つ    (  ,,)
~′ ̄ ̄(,,゚Д゚)   / つつ  ~  |    /  |
  UU ̄U U   ~(__)   し`J  ~(__)

See also

  • Mona, Shii, and Morala - The other three members from the original big four of 2ch AA.
  • Giko on the 2ch AA Illustration Project
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