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Dogola” refers to a photograph of a smiling white dog, credited to Maxim Oransky,1) that was taken in June 2009.2) It is one of many smiling dogs. This became a short-lived sociopath emperor meme in Brazil, though it has since died out after Dogolachan had largely muddied the name.


Dogola. The original photograph was taken at Empty Hills 2009 in Smolensk Oblast, an open-air music festival that faced constant downpours which turned the Vorya River's floodplain into mud, which is why attendees ended up nicknaming the event “Dirty Hills”3) instead.4)5)6)

It was first uploaded to LiveJournal on June 14, 20097) and shared to the pro-liberal Leprosorium8) as a simple smiling dog.9) For some reason, it would be spammed on 55chan as “dog.jpg” until the users decided to name it “Dogola” and the image ended up being banned at some point.

After the death of 55chan in 2011, the dog reemerged on BRchan and saw an unexpected revival, hailed as “Imperador Cão” (Emperor Dog) with a handful of Dolan-like or Spurdo-like comics, and vaguely spread to foreign websites like 4chan and Krautchan. However, it fell out of relevance, then Dogolachan borrowed it for its namesake in 2013 which would forever stain it.

Inside the Brazilian internet, the word “Dogola” would become synonymous with Dogolachan and their “edgy shitkid” community. Outside of the Brazilian internet, the dog remained a “smiling dog” reaction image with most people forgetting its history as a wacky and uncharacteristic violent sociopath. In addition, this dog can be used as a sticker on social networking services like VK.10)


  • For the Russian language, it appears that “sobaka-ulybaka” (собака-улыбака, lit. “smiling dog”) is a general term for images of smiling dogs, being supplanted by a Shiba Inu stock image.
  • The photograph was taken at 55°02'48.0"N 35°07'18.0"E, about 3 to 4 hours from the Vnukovo International Airport (VKO) in Moscow if you're planning a weird pilgrimage.
  • I wrote this article in memory of the "Is Dogola Panel" at Anime Fusion 2014,11) which was a rushed “post-modern dadist humor” meme panel with early 2010s Tumblr humor thrown in.
  • Dogola on GitHub - Additional images of the dog, provided by Maxim Oranskiy.
  • Smiling Dog on LurkMore [RU]
  • Dogola on WikiPro [PT]
  • Dogola on Desciclopedia [PT]
Depending on the romanization method used, “Maxim Oransky” (Максим Оранский) may also be rendered as “Maksim Oranskij”, “Maksim Oransky”, “Maksim Oranskii”, etc. The name, Maksim, is from Maxim.
2) , 7)
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“Gryaznye Kholmy” (Грязные Холмы) being a pun on “Pustye Kholmy” (Пустые Холмы).
“Leprosorium” (Лепрозорий) is a restrictive collective blog that split from, where it used to be a leper colony for banned users, in the late 2000s. The community was known for its strict moderation, being notoriously difficult to obtain invites to before 2013, and generally houses anti-Putin liberals who all revered Navalny. It has significantly deteriorated over time and fell out of relevance.
"Convention History". Anime Fusion.
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