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“One of the most harmful chans (anonymous forums) in Brazil”
Lola Aronovich1)

Dogolachan was a far-right Brazilian Portuguese bulletin board that held ties to hate groups and wannabe criminals. The first incarnation ran from December 2013 to July 2018, while the second incarnation was exclusively on the deep web and ran from October 2018 to February 2020.

Notable figures

Due to Dogolachan's history being intertwined with criminal drama, I've been forced to write about them in a separate section.

Marcelo (Psycl0n)

Marcelo Valle Silveira Mello2) (born August 9, 1985), also called Psy, Psycl0n, or Psytoré, is a far-right Brazilian hacker who came from an upper-middle class family,3) got bullied in school, and had a fascination with Japanese culture such as Pokémon. However, he had a long history of making threats, and harnessed a hatred of black people, feminists, women, etc.4)

His backlash against these groups would get him banned from most Brazilian websites, including Orkut,5) and cultivated a long criminal record. In 2012, the Federal Police of Brazil would carry out “Operation Intolerance” and convict him for planning out a massacre, possessing a map of a house that college students partied at in Lago Sul.6)7) Due to lenient legislation, he only served a 1/6th of his sentence.8)

After his release from prison, Marcelo established Dogolachan in 2013. Then in 2018, the Federal Police of Brazil carried out “Operation Bravery” where he would be arrested for several crimes and sentenced to 41 years of prison with no way to appeal the decision.9)10)11) As of 2021, there's mostly been rumors of being in maximum security and his sentence being lowered to 11 years.12)


Emerson Eduardo Rodrigues (born March 5, 1987) is a far-right Brazilian personality who's mainly known for being arrested with Marcelo in “Operation Intolerance” back in 2012,13)14) serving the same reduced sentence. After prison, Emerson became a political activist, once traveling with Marcelo in 2015 to meet then-federal deputy Jair Bolsonaro in Rio de Janeiro only to get turned away because of his history.

Since then, Marcelo and Dogolachan are considered his rivals. In 2017, he illegally fled to the United States, but was eventually detained by ICE agents and served a four-month sentence in Brazil.15) When the Federal Police of Brazil carried out “Operation Bravery”, Emerson had already fled to Europe and would later seek asylum in Spain. As of 2021, he is disputing being expedited back to Brazil.

Other names

  • Raziel von Sophia Imbuzeiro (Technomage) - A former Dogolachan moderator who transitioned, later became disgraced after Kyo's actions and allegedly committed suicide on March 20, 2020.
  • André Luiz Gil Garcia (Kyo) - A former Dogolachan moderator that made 8chan's /firechan/ board, mostly known for shooting random women and himself on June 16, 2019.16)
  • GOEC” - An unknown Brazilian hacker who had a history of doxing people, discovered Dogolachan after a certain YouTuber's video had mentioned it back in 2016.


In the past, Marcelo created two short-lived anonymous bulletin boards, prior to being arrested in 2012, and these communities were mostly known for being edgy. The first was 45chan at “”, opened in late April 2012 but only lasted a few weeks. The second was Jorgechan at “” which lasted a couple months between late December 2011 and April 2012 before Marcelo's arrest on March 22, 2012.17)18)


A few months after his release, Marcelo sets up Dogolachan at “” on December 24, 2013, referencing the Dogola meme, and used Kusaba X.19) The website was disguised as a place to discuss Japanese subjects and was seen as a refuge, but in reality, the community was managed like a cult because very few websites tolerated Marcelo's behavior and would ban him.

Dogolachan would later switch to Tinyboard on August 21, 2014,20) hijack 77chan on November 10, 2014 since they used the default Kusaba X password and made it redirect to Dogolachan, and the community became known for doxing, website raids, and making fake blogs that would normally be sued for defamation, normally targeting people that Marcelo hated, such as the feminist blogger Lola Aronovich.

On September 13, 2016, popular YouTube personality Felipe Neto made a video about Emerson and he asked viewers to flood 55chan, BRchan, and Dogolachan,21) but they allegedly redirected viewers coming from the video to Emerson's “India” video instead.22) Then on May 10, 2018, Marcelo was arrested, which left Dogolachan to “GOEC” and “Technomage” until the domain expired in July 2018.


In October 2018, “DPR” revived Dogolachan on the deep web while Brazil was politically tense.23) On March 13, 2019, the Suzano school shooting occurred and Dogolachan fabricated this elaborate story to place them at the center of attention24) even though the claims were dubious.25)26) This all worked out in their favor, so the website moved to a secure Tor v3 address (a 56-character “.onion” link) in response.

Following a brief rivalry with LulZchan, Dogolachan went offline around June 2019 for a deep web exploit,27) then sustained attacks in August 2019. Then in 2020, the GAECO28) carried out “Operation Illuminate” and arrested Dogolachan personalities like “Technomage”. Dogolachan props up a fake seizure notice which sent people to 55chan, then went offline for upgrades in February and never returned.


It was clear that Dogolachan wasn't coming back, so the community burned through refuges which include: Endchan's /dogola/ under “D3xter”, Endchan's /dogolachan/ under “Maquinista33”, Chantopia's /dogola/ under “DPR2”, Firechan29) Reinchan's /dogola/ under “Loin”, Endchan's /dogola/ revived under “DPR2”, and 9chan's /dogola/ under “DPR2”. As of 2022, there seems to be no public Dogolachan refuge.


  • The community tends to call themselves, “Dogolerio”, but there's a few, rare instances of “Jorge”.
    • They honor “saint acts” (actum sanctus) by “saint men” (homini sanctus), but render the term as “actvm sanctvm” and such. Of course, the names are misnomers and not saintly at all.
  • The original slogan was “The largest alt-right forum in Brazil” (O maior fórum alt-right do Brasil).
    • Before the domain expired, it was changed to Malaysia as a joke since their host, Cinipac, used a P.O. Box in Malaysia when the company was actually located in Romania.
  • In 2019, they've doxed several underage individuals in the “True Crime Community” (TCC) on Twitter, sending them death threats, rape threats, and asking for nudes.
  • Dogolachan [Archive] - The front page of Dogolachan, archived July 11, 2018.
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Marcelo was born in Brasília. His mother worked at Serpro until she was fired for a psychiatric illness, while his father committed suicide during his youth, so his grandmother mostly raised him.
Orkut was Google's original attempt at making a social networking platform, but it was only popular in Brazil and India, so they let Google Brazil handle it. In other words, Orkut was the original Google+.
Marcelo served a 1/6th of his sentence, meaning that his original sentence would've lasted until late 2018 or early 2019. It's also rumored that he was ironically pardoned by then-president Dilma Rousseff.
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At the time, city councilor Marielle Franco was assassinated, far-right politician Jair Bolsonaro was elected as president with help from the so-called Operation Car Wash scandal (later discovered to have had heavy U.S. involvement to hinder the left), and gay congressman Jean Wyllys fled Brazil.
The theory claims that the perpetrators had asked Dogolachan for guns and ammunition, then left a hint by posting the lyrics to Pumped Up Kicks on /b/ two days prior. However, the posts were likely fabricated, and it was eventually debunked when their arms and ammunition dealers revealed that they had no clue that the weapons would be used in a massacre. Some news sources have not refuted this claim.
“Grupo de Atuação Especial de Combate ao Crime Organizado” (GAECO) translates to “Special Action Group for Combating Organized Crime”. It does not have an English Wikipedia article.
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