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“Although everything was deleted, nothing of value was lost.”

AnonIB is a bulletin board website that initially allowed people create and manage their own anonymous imageboard communities, then ownership changed and it became an extremely shady pornography website that face numerous allegations of housing revenge porn.


This is meant to be an informative article. I do not condone the website's actions for obvious reasons. This article only exists because its history can be tied to other anonymous bulletin board websites.


The original AnonIB was set up by “Alphabet” on May 30, 2006 at the “” domain, using a heavily customized Thorn, and they let people create and manage their own imageboard.1) This novel idea was boosted by 4chan's “/b/-day” incident in August, but the servers struggled to keep up with the bandwidth use. Not much is known about this era, aside from BRchan and several furry-themed boards.

In 2008, AnonIB is handed over to “MindPoop” and “GodOfAnon” (GOA) in March, then the FBI got involved around April 25,2) forcing them to start from scratch as they had no backups.3) This new management was universally hated as advertisements and malware infested the place, plus the servers kept going down due to the unresolved preexisting bandwidth issues or people reporting illegal content.

Most communities migrated to IB4F or YourSpiff, if the option of independence wasn't available. Meanwhile, the adult advertising revenue would delude “Mindpoop” into hosting an AnonIB clone on his own website,4) but nobody was really maintaining their archaic code. Then on August 16, 2009, the website was hacked by a group of people, claiming to be 420chan, who proceeded to delete nearly everything within hours.

After this hack, AnonIB switched to Kusaba X and temporarily allowed board requests, but they eventually abandoned the idea of board creation and committed to becoming a shady pornography website. The ownership would then change several times until one owner decided to voluntarily shut down AnonIB in 2014 after hearing about all the revenge porn they were hosting.5)


With AnonIB shut down, former AnonIB users would set up Anon-IB on February 28, 2014 and retained the shady pornography aspect of it.6) This iteration ran until April 26, 2018 when the Dutch National Police would seize their servers for housing revenge porn.7)8)9)10) Anon-IB denied housing such illegal activities, but formally announced that they don't plan on reviving the imageboards that they were known for.11)


The immediate successor to Anon-IB was NewChan on April 10, 2018 which began as a Anon-IB clone, but introduced a cash-grab paywall around July 10, 2018, then changed the website name and payment page several times.12) On January 27, 2020, AnonIB would suddenly return at “”, except it just borrowed NewChan's database, then they bought the old “” domain.

Similar to NTTEC's 8kun, they did business with VanwaTech,13) then people started to spread awareness on Facebook or TikTok and began reporting them to Cloudflare for hosting child pornography,14) so it went into hiding for a couple months. In 2021, “” emerged with some obvious signs pointing to it being affiliated with NewChan, recycling “” and advertising their payment page.

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Click at your own risk. As a side note, I'm just repeating information that can be easily found in archives of 4chan's “Random” (/b/) board.

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If you compare screenshots taken of AnonIB's front page on 2007-10-05 and 2007-12-27 to a point in time after the new administration took over and the FBI allegedly seized the servers, 2009-06-09, you'll notice that the number of boards and public boards have dramatically decreased since then.
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This particular clone is known as NewChan, AnonSharer, AnonSocial, AnonReloaded, AnonImages, AnonMe, AnonPosted, Anon World, AnonPremium, and AnonVault (current).
Hint: It's the threads where people ask for or share nudes of people that they go to high school with.
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