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Wakachan /unyl/

Unylchan (Унылчан), also called /unyl/, was the Russian-language board of the Wakachan coalition or “English IIchan” that was set up around May 24, 20091) due to Russian spammers.2) Wakachan died around 2015, thus /unyl/ died along with it.


On June 1, 2007, Russian IIchan was set up for Dvach refugees, but ran into server issues and occasionally redirected users to English IIchan as a joke. This led to a Russian invasion of English IIchan's /b/ around February 25, 2008 that only had light opposition.3) Incidentally, it became a place where Russian users would occasionally camp out whenever Dvach or IIchan started having server issues.


The fall of Dvach on January 17, 2009 would cause issues for Russian IIchan, who controversially closed its doors in order to deter Dvach's latter userbase. This left Dobrochan, 410chan, and the English IIchan's /b/ which would now get flooded or “wiped” by proxy users amid the chaos, so users asked for a refugee board.4) It also served as an opportunity to test out their new anti-proxy system.

Russian IIchan eventually returned, but /unyl/ was turned into a “neutral zone” for their dissidents. Tensions between the two peaked when “Ranfag” (Ранофаг) emerged around September 20095) and word of /unyl/ surfaced.6) However in 2010, they started bickering about Dobrochan instead. Some of Dvatirech's dissidents had visited /unyl/ as well, but most of them generally took root at Odinchan instead.


Then in 2011, /unyl/ saw a sharp decline in users, but this meant that people stopped bickering and started having actual discussions. Eventually, /unyl/ was taken down due to Wakachan dying in late 2015.


  • The board was originally “From Russia with Love”, but users immediately thought it was lame.7)
  • It was seen as a “neutral zone” since it didn't have any Russian staff to censor discussions, but there was a report feature that eventually worked when people mass reported a post.
    • Due to their hostility, it got called Srachan (Срачан) from “srach” (срач, lit. “mass shitting”).8)
    • Later on, some users conspired that there actually was a Russian moderator, but this is mostly due to the fact that the Wakachan administration was silent on anything regarding /unyl/.
  • There wasn't really much of a culture when it was made, though “resistance” and Yukkuri did become in-jokes during the hostility era. Afterwards, they made fun of their own poorly-constructed sayings.
  • Unylchan [Archive] - The final archive of Wakachan's /unyl/ board.
  • /unyl/ on Noobtype
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