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DokuWiki is a lightweight wiki engine, mostly written in PHP,1) that was created in July 20042) and has significant popularity.3) It does not require a database setting up4) and mostly works with text files. However, I don't think anyone here is interested about its history.

List of default licenses

Upon installation, you'll be asked to select a public copyright license or not have one. This might be a bit intimidating since it's not really explained to you, so I've provided a somewhat useful chart below:

License Shorthand Symbols5)
CC0 1.0 Universal CC0 1.0 🅭🄍
Public Domain 🅮
CC Attribution 4.0 International CC BY 4.0 🅭🅯
CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International CC BY-SA 4.0 🅭🅯🄎
GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 GFDL 1.3 🅯🄎
CC Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International CC BY-NC 4.0 🅭🅯🄏
CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 🅭🅯🄏🄎

This wiki's setup

This personal wiki, at the time of this writing, uses the latest stable version of DokuWiki and makes use of numerous configurations and extensions. I've provided the relevant extensions, excluding all the bundled plugins that come with the wiki, and configurations that people may be interested in the following sections with a brief explanation on how they're being used or why they're changed.

Extensions and plugins

  • Attribute Plugin - A plugin for user-associated data that's required for…
  • CAPTCHA Plugin - Bots are fun, but they do get tiring after a while.
  • Cleanup Plugin - Deletes old files. Run this before making backups to free up space.
  • CMSMode Plugin - Disables some actions from non-logged in users.
  • Color Plugin - Basic tool for highlighting and colored text.
  • HTMLOK Plugin - Removed in the latest DokuWiki update. This will, sadly, generate a <div> tag. :V
    • ⚠️ Security risk! Do not use this if you're running a public wiki!
  • IP Banning Plugin - It's just nice to have, but seriously, this wiki gets a lot of bots and crawlers.
  • Folded Plugin - For hiding text behind a toggle.
  • Mermaid Plugin - Mermaid diagrams! Currently testing.
  • Move Plugin - For moving pages. Watch the backlinks. Disabled, since it can get stuck in a loop.
    • ⚠️ Do not forget to turn this back off once you're done with it.
  • Pagelist Plugin - This will allow you to generate a list of articles if you have…
    • Tag Plugin - A plugin for adding tags to articles, seen at the bottom of certain pages.
  • Ruby Plugin - Ruby is for CJK pronunciation, but I've found other uses for it.
  • Upgrade Plugin - A simple tool for upgrading the wiki software. It may try to install every language.
  • Wrap Plugin - An all-in-one plugin with pretty basic features. I mostly use the columns, note boxes, and spoilers on this wiki, but it offers a bunch of other neat little things as well.


  • breadcrumbs: 0 - This was dumb, so I got rid of it. It told you what pages you visited.
  • dformat: %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S - ISO 8601 format, UTC time.
  • macseclevel: 5 - Allows more sections to be edited. Generally easier on my end.
  • usewordblock: 0 - This is a personal wiki, so this isn't needed here.
  • htmlok: 1 - Enables HTML editing. This is no longer needed for AA, but it's kept on for fun.
    • ⚠️ Security risk! Do not enable this if you're running a public wiki!
  • dnslookups: 0 - This wiki does not currently use a DNS server. Yet.

How to get the dark theme

This wiki's dark theme is the base DokuWiki Template with a custom style.ini file.6) If you want the exact colors, replace the values in “style.ini” using the code shown below, then go into “Template Style Settings” under the Admin window and click “Revert styles back to template's default” to use said values. If you have the Wrap plugin, make sure that “Optimise colours for dark templates” is checked.

;------ guaranteed dokuwiki color placeholders that every plugin can use

; main text and background colors (main text and inner window)
__text__            = "#EEE"            ; @ini_text
__background__      = "#222"            ; @ini_background
; alternative text and background colors (inner text and chart header)
__text_alt__        = "#DDD"            ; @ini_text_alt
__background_alt__  = "#444"            ; @ini_background_alt
; neutral text and background colors (numbered list and media thumbs idk)
__text_neu__        = "#CCC"            ; @ini_text_neu
__background_neu__  = "#444"            ; @ini_background_neu
; border color
__border__          = "#777"            ; @ini_border

; highlighted text (e.g. search snippets)
__highlight__       = "#FF9"            ; @ini_highlight

; default link color
__link__            = "#499"            ; @ini_link

__background_site__ = "#111"            ; @ini_background_site

; these are used for wiki links
__existing__        = "#6C0"            ; @ini_existing
__missing__         = "#D30"            ; @ini_missing

In the past, this wiki used to have the Adora Dark theme, which used this awful orange, then I decided to switch back to the base template and coded a bloated “userstyle.css” file since I wasn't going to mess with “Template Style Settings” or figure out what the “style.ini” file did. As of December 2022, the wiki now uses the above settings, slashing the “userstyle.css” file in half.

Some custom CSS

This wiki's userstyle.css file is mostly filled with CSS rules that adds more styles to the Wrap plugin, as well as fallback fonts and very minor tweaks to the theme that isn't covered by the dark theme section. I will only be showing the CSS rules below, since this is what people are mostly interested in anyways, and provide a list of explanations if my self-explanatory comments aren't clear enough.

  • .wrap_hatnote: This just imitates the Wikipedia hatnote by adding an indent.
  • .wrap_spoiler: Replaces the default spoiler with a mobile-friendly blurry spoiler (example).
  • .wrap_round: Reduces the Corner Radii on boxes and notes to be less 'modern' or obnoxious.
  • .wrap_jascii: This allows usage of the Japanese ASCII font, not always used for ASCII. (・∀・ )
  • .wrap_twatts: This allows a text block to be formatted like Twitter, only used for one specific page.
  • .wrap_narrow: This allows usage of a condensed or narrow font. On a wiki that already tries to condense information.
  • .wrap_shake: This creates a weird shaking effect (example), not currently used.
  • .wrap_tick: This creates a weird TikTok-like outline (example). Why is this even here?
  • .wrap_cs: This allows usage of the infamous Comic Sans font (example).
  • .wrap_mspa: A shortcut to use dark monospace text on a light background (example).
  • .wrap_big: This just makes the CJK characters bigger, only used for one specific page so far.

Toggle code block.


  • /conf/ and /data/ are the only relevant folders when importing.
DokuWiki doesn't require a database to run, but some of its extensions may ask you to set one up.
The following Creative Commons license symbols might not render properly as they were just recently added to Unicode 13.0 in 2020, so you may have to install “Unifont Upper” to render them.
The “style.ini” file (for the DokuWiki template) will be under /lib/tpl/dokuwiki. Do save local copies, including one under conf/tpl/dokuwiki, since the upgrade plugin will try to overwrite your settings.
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