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List of Touhou characters whose name ends with "-ko"

This article provides a brief list of Touhou Project characters with names ending with “-ko”, a pattern that ZUN himself has become aware of.1) Although I originally planned to focus on the names using “-ko” (~子), I've decided to include the other “-ko” names as well.

Names with 「~子」

English name Japanese name
Rikako () () ()
Yumeko (ゆめ) ()
Yuyuko 幽々(ゆゆ) ()
Renko (れん) ()
Tsuchinoko2) (つち) () ()
Minoriko (みのり) ()
Kanako () () ()
Suwako () () ()
Kyouko (きょう) ()
Miko () ()
Sumireko (すみれ) ()
Naruko3) (なる) ()
Enoko () () ()

Names without 「~子」

English name Japanese name
Tojiko () () ()
Raiko (らい) ()
Junko (じゅん) ()

Non-canonical names

English name Japanese name
Noroiko4) (のろ) () ()
Hikariko5) (ひかり) ()
Tokiko6) 朱鷺(とき) ()
The tsuchinoko (槌の子) is a minor creature featured in Chapter 9 of Strange and Bright Nature Deity.
“Naruko” (成子) was the original name for “Narumi” (成美) until ZUN caught himself and decided to pivot. However, ZUN didn't replace every instance in Touhou Tenkuushou, so “Naruko” became Narumi's nickname.
“Noroiko” (呪い子) is the Japanese nickname for the stage 2 midboss of Touhou Fuumaroku.
“Hikariko” (光子) is the Japanese nickname for the stage 4 midboss of Touhou Gensoukyou and the stage 3 midboss for Touhou Kaikidan. As a warning, this is also the word for “photon”.
“Tokiko” (朱鷺子), also called the “Nameless Book-Reading Youkai” (名無し本読み妖怪, Nanashi Hon'yomi Youkai), is the crested ibis youkai featured in the first two chapters of Touhou Kourindou.
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