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Koishi Komeiji's Heart-Throbbing☆Nabe Party! (古明地こいしのドキドキ☆鍋パーティ!, Komeiji Koishi no DokiDoki☆Nabe Pāti!) is the second Cookie☆ voice drama by “Maki” that was uploaded on January 7, 2014.1) It has the short name of Nabe☆ (鍋☆, lit. “Hot Pot☆”).


It's winter on the surface world and Koishi decides to throw a nabe party when she returns underground. All six characters introduce themselves, then they put an ingredient into the 'mystery' hot pot as the lights are turned off. Satori got a sweet bun that Koishi put in, Orin got the orange that Satori put in, and Okuu got the sake that Yuugi put in which makes Okuu drunk and flirty with Orin. Parsee gets a bit jealous.

Parsee got a daikon that she put in herself which disappoints her, then Yuugi gets a skipjack tuna that Orin put in. Koishi complains that everyone put in boring ingredients, then pulls out a spare control rod that Okuu put in that she can't eat. After this, we have a bath scene of the Komeiji Sisters talking about what they did afterwards, then Koishi passes out from being drunk. The voice actors comment to end the video.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced Twitter handle
Sananana (さななな) SNNN姉貴 Koishi
Mashiroma Zenima (ましろまぜにま) MSRMZNM姉貴,
Hisui (緋翠) HSI姉貴 Rin @fragrantoliver
Mukumuku (むくむく) MKMK姉貴 Utsuho
Joker (ジョーカー) JOKER姉貴 Parsee
Osanai Kotori (尹乃小鳥) OSNI姉貴 Yuugi @osakoto


Nabe☆ was originally ignored since Halloween☆ was such a disappointment, but people eventually warmed up to it over time and somebody made an MMD version.2)3) However, it's still short and monotonous.

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