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Cookie☆☆ S2

Touhou Oshōgatsu(New Year's)! (東方お正月!), or New Year's Planning! (お正月企画!, Oshōgatsu Kikaku!),1) is the second Cookie☆ voice drama that was directed by “Taisa” and initially uploaded on January 1, 2013.2) The video's short name is Cookie☆☆ S2 (クッキー☆☆二期).


After a Christmas drinking party at the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu talks to Marisa about going to someone else's house for New Year's. They approach Koumakan and chat with Cirno and Meiling until Sakuya gives them permission to head on in since Remilia and Flandre happen to be bored. The two sisters invite their guests to their “King Game”3) session and Patchouli gets dragged in, originally asking Marisa to return her books.

The game starts with Marisa being king, but she just wants sake and snacks so they skip her. Remilia is next and tells Marisa to french kiss Flandre for 3 minutes, but Patchouli gets jealous and hits Flandre with her danmaku. The two fight, while the other three take a hot bath. Flandre joins and jokingly hits on Marisa. In the end, Reimu and Marisa decide to stay at the shrine for New Year's while Patchouli got sick.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced Twitter handle
Kanna (かんな) KNN姉貴 Reimu @k_kanna0218
Azusa (梓) AZS姉貴 Marisa
Kurikinton (くりきんとん) KRKNTN姉貴 Cirno
Mars (まーず) MZ姉貴 Meiling @mazmarz
Aika (愛佳) AIK姉貴 Sakuya @aika_tukin
Kanata Sakura (彼方さくら) SKR姉貴 Remilia
YUNO. YN姉貴 Flandre
Taisa (大佐) TIS姉貴 Patchouli
Kochiko (こちこ) KTK姉貴 Koakuma


In light of Cookie☆☆ S1 being popular with Cookie☆ fans, Cookie☆☆ S2 pays some respect to the original Cookie☆. The voice drama was uploaded on January 1, 20134) with an MMD version made shortly after.5) While it's interesting that Azusa from Cookie☆☆☆ took part, Kanna ultimately got the most attention. Then for some reason, both videos were mysteriously taken down citing voice work, but later reuploaded.6)

Death threat

On June 14, 2014 at 16:53(04:53PM) JST, somebody posted a death threat on 2channel's /news4vip/ board to Kanna, doxing and threatening to burn her for ruining Reimu's character in Cookie☆☆ S2.7) It's said that the police arrived two hours after the thread was made. About two days later, news revealed that the thread was posted by an unemployed 26-year-old man named “Suzuki Masataka” (鈴木政貴).8)9)

It shouldn't be a surprise that the “Cookie☆ General Thread” on /streaming/ already knew her personal info, but it made headlines on Yahoo! News,10) which became a hot topic on Twitter11) and it later found its way overseas.12)13) While Cookie☆ isn't actually considered to be Touhou Project, the news story did get warped to reignite some anti-Touhou sentiments on Twitter following the Touhou Police drama.

See also

The original video is title “New Year's Planning”, but every re-upload has the video renamed to “Touhou New Year's” instead. This was likely done to trick Touhou Project fans into watching the video.
The “King Game” (王様ゲーム, Ōsama Gēmu) is a classic party game where the king gives orders to the other players. It's usually held with 5-10 players, and it functions similar to Truth or Dare.
"Touhou "Voice Actress" Threatened, Suspect Arrested" (July 3, 2014). Maidens of the Kaleidoscope.
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