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Cookie☆☆☆ (クッキー☆☆☆) is a low-quality dub of the first episode of Manpuku Jinja's Fantasy Kaleidoscope, directed by “Risotto” (リゾット) and uploaded on February 19, 2012.1) It was immediately taken down after it was picked up by Cookie☆ fans, but it already got reuploaded.


The video is an animated interpretation of the Touhou Project game, Perfect Cherry Blossom, and features Marisa resolving the Spring Snow Incident on her own while Reimu is bedridden. Sakuya stops by to tell Reimu about the incident, while Marisa takes on Youmu and Yuyuko. After the incident is resolved, the youkai gather at the shrine for the annual party. Sanae is shown at the end as a little teaser.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced Twitter handle
Shiratori Hanon (白鳥羽音) HNN姉貴 Reimu
Azusa (梓) AZS姉貴 Marisa @amanepin_h2j3
Pinohara Goma (ぴの原ごま) GM姉貴 Youmu
Himeki (媛貴) HMK姉貴 Yuyuko
Rizuri (リズリ) Sakuya
Manami* (まなみ*) Remilia
Kurosu Mizuna (黒須みずな) Meiling
Yoshinaga Eiya (吉永永夜) Flandre
Wakashiro Yatiyo (若城八千代) Cirno
Jousaki Aimu (譲咲あいむ) Patchouli
Kurosaki Miya (黒崎みや) Chen
mina。 Mystia
Saki (さき) Aya
Ashiramu (あしらむ) Lily
Beef (ビーフ) Sanae
Rain (ライン) RIN姉貴 Wriggle
Kinoshita Ichigo (木下いちご) ITG姉貴 Rumia


Despite the abundance of participants, the dub's audio quality was pretty bad. The video was introduced as “Cookie☆☆☆” to Cookie☆ fans since people wanted more to talk about after Cookie☆☆. It didn't get much attention. Some people were interested in Azusa, but it's because she played Marisa. Surprisingly, Azusa took another Marisa role in what would be known as Cookie☆☆ S2.


  • It's known that Benikurage and Hisui also applied to be in Cookie☆☆☆, but they were declined.

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