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Hong Meiling ~Episode ZERO~ (紅美鈴 ~EpisodeZERO~) is a voiced, fan-made Touhou Project MMD drama directed by “Niru” (ニル) and published on November 1, 2012.1) It has no connection to Cookie☆, but its short name is Cookie☆ZERO (クッキー☆ZERO).


The video takes place in pre-danmaku Gensokyo and Meiling has been wandering around for the strongest person there. A guy she was fighting tells her that Remilia from Koumakan is the strongest, so Meiling sets off. She asks Cirno for directions, Cirno points her to a sign, and Meiling charges across the lake all the way to the gate. After getting no response, Meiling decides to wander in, but Sakuya quickly stops her.

Sakuya asks Meiling who she is, Meiling jokingly claims to be a milkman, then they greet each other. Meiling states that she wants to kill Remilia, so they fight. We get a short scene of Patchouli with Koakuma in the library, then Flandre in the basement, before Remilia steps outside to offer Meiling a job or else she'll kill her. Meiling becomes a gatekeeper, which she isn't really good at since people just fly over her.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced
Yune (ゆね) YNe姉貴 Meiling
Sakurase Hiro (桜瀬尋) Cirno
Uwazuki Misora (上月魅空) Sakuya
Izumi Misuzu (和泉美鈴) Patchouli
Fujipī (ふじぴー) Koakuma
Hīragi Kotori (柊小鳥) Remilia
Takanashi Konoha (小鳥遊このは) Reimu
Aisaka Megumi (逢坂 めぐみ) Marisa
Niru (ニル) NR兄貴 “Hyahhā”2)


  • The video isn't necessarily bad, nor does it resemble or predate Cookie☆. It's just that people found out that Kanna from Cookie☆☆ S2 auditioned for the video,3) but got rejected in the end.
“Hyahhā” (ヒャッハー) is a cry that's often attributed to Club from Fist of the North Star. He doesn't say this in canon, but the cry has become so popular that the author later acknowledged it.
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