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Touhou Natsuyasumi(Summer Vacation) (東方夏休み) is a Cookie☆ video that was directed by “Kazuya Mishou” (美翔カズヤ) and uploaded on August 10, 20141) but it's really just a low-quality album promotion video that nobody really wants, which is why it's called Kasu☆ (カス☆, lit. “Residue☆”).


Reimu and Marisa are out fishing when Alice stops by to talk about a music concert being held at Koumakan because Remilia started a band after listening to the outside world's music. Marisa heads to Koumakan and the other two try to follow but when she comes back, she said that she signed herself with Reimu and Alice to star in the concert, then reveals that the losers have to do the winner's bidding.

She's given a month to practice but none of them have music experience, though Marisa feels optimistic and makes a callback to Cookie☆, so Reimu and Alice agree to work with her. A month passes and it's time for the concert, so Koakuma and Patchouli announce that the “Devil Cats” and “Blare Witch Project” will perform and mention how the audience can influence the competition.

Unfortunately, Marisa hasn't arrived since she ran into broom problems. The Moriya Clan jeers at Marisa but Marisa uses a Master Spark on them. Remilia's band finishes their performance, but Marisa still isn't there yet. Right when she's about to declare herself the winner by default, Marisa bursts in and her band performs their on song. In the end, the crowd declares Marisa's band as the winner so Remilia's band lost.

Marisa decides to not order them around since she appreciated being able to play for a large crowd, so she just thanks Remilia for organizing the concert in the first place. A post-concert party with fireworks is held afterwards, but the party gets crashed by Flandre who complains that she was locked up inside the basement while they were all having fun. The credits roll.

Cast and credits

Some names here may be romanized incorrectly.
Most of these names here are fake anyways.

Voice actor Character(s) voiced
Koga (古賀) KG姉貴 Marisa
❽③❸ / ⑧③③ 833姉貴 Reimu
Teresa (テレサ) JGN,2) TRS姉貴 Alice
32-shi (32子) Remilia
Kikuchi (鞠知) Sakuya
Makkuro Ricchi (まっくろりっち) Meiling
Yuukeaki Seiren (遊槻星蓮) Koakuma, Keine, Mokou
Hoshiume (星梅) Patchouli
Amaterasu (アマテラス) Flandre, Yuyuko, Satori
Kū (くー) Suwako
Panko (ぱんこ) Sanae
Notaka (野高) Kanako, Koishi
Esuka (エスカ) ESK姉貴 Youmu


Kazuya was inspired by Taisa to create his own Cookie☆ video after she retired and it gained some traction, especially since it cast Esuka from Cookie☆☆ S3. However, the final product was extremely low quality, plus the Cookie☆ and Inmu references were too blatant and corny. The only good thing about it was a scene that looks like Peanuts. Kazuya retired and the voice actors got off scot-free since they used fake names.


  • The only reason it isn't “Gomi☆” (ゴミ☆, lit. “Garbage☆”) is because another video has that name.

See also

"東方夏休み ヴォイスドラマ企画" (August 10, 2014). Niconico Douga.
In the Peanuts scene, Alice's hair made her look like “Daisuke Jigen” (次元大介) from Lupin the Third and it kinda became “Fake ALC” (偽ALC).
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