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Kusso☆ S2

The Reimu's Happy Holidays, also called Kusso☆☆ (クッソー☆☆) or Hotaru☆ (ホタル☆, lit. “Firefly☆”), is the second Cookie☆ voice drama directed by “Ako Atouda” that was uploaded on December 2, 2014.1) Some may note that this was his last natural Cookie☆ video.


Reimu comes to the Hourai Proctology Clinic for a checkup after she some bleeding, suggesting that she stuck something up her butt. Eirin asks Reimu to get on all fours while she inspects her butt. She pokes her finger in it, inserts a penlight and notices a firefly. Eirin inserts her entire body into her butt, then asks Reisen to come into her butt as well. Reimu goes in too and finds Eirin and Reisen dressed as fireflies.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced Twitter handle
Shinonome Hakase (東雲はかせ) SNNM姉貴 Reimu
AKIRA AKIRA姉貴 Eirin @myon_purin
Koga (古賀) KG姉貴 Udonge


  • The video is a parody of Radio Drama 6 in the Cho Aniki Show (超兄貴ショー) CD.

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