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Touhou Christmas 2015! (東方クリスマス2015!, Tōhō Kurisumasu 2015!) is the fourth Cookie☆ voice drama by “Ako Atouda” that was uploaded on December 10, 2015.1) The video's short name is KusoKuri☆ (クソクリ☆), but was previously Kusso☆FINAL (クッソー☆FINAL).2)


It starts off with Marisa (Ruka) telling Reimu telling that she plans to returning junk that she stole in the spirit of Christmas. Reimu finds Marisa (Kohaku) who breaks the fourth wall and explains why Marisa (Ruka) left. First, they break into Alice's house to return a doll while Alice moans about mushrooms. Reimu brings up the newer Touhou Project characters, but Marisa stops her as the intended audience won't recognize them

They meet Eirin next to return the medicine that was stolen in Cookie☆☆ S1. Marisa (Kohaku) is called to a party, so Marisa (Akane) meets Reimu and they return a cookbook to Rurima who audibly regrets being in Kusso☆☆☆. The video cuts to a very brief hot spring scene, then they move on and return the Dark Inferno to the original character from Memo☆, Miramikaru Riran.

Marisa (Akane) had to leave as her mother told her to sleep, so Marisa (Yuuhi) and Marisa (Meguru) get to tag along with Reimu next. They run into a peculiar cat, then move onto Rinnosuke's house who was given the aforementioned medicine. He was being creepy to Reimu's voice actress, so the Marisas deliver a Master Spark. The Marisas leave for Karaoke as they finished returning everything, leaving Reimu by herself.

As she returns home, Marisa (Kohaku) comes back since the party wasn't worth it and talks about how she'd rather spend Christmas drinking sake with Reimu. The video ends panning towards the moon, showing what other Marisas are doing, and the credits roll. After the credits, there's a bonus scene that has Reimu singing “Jingle Bells” with the five Marisas.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced Twitter handle
Shiromiya Rei (白宮れい) SRMY姉貴 Reimu
Ruka (るか) RK姉貴 Marisa @ruka_v
Kohaku Utawa (唄羽琥珀) KHK兄貴3) Marisa @kohaku524
Akane (愛菓音) AKN姉貴 Marisa
Yuuh!*4) YUH姉貴 Marisa @yuuhi5698
Meguru (めぐる) MGR姉貴 Marisa @guruguruu3
Impulsive Margarine (衝動性マーガリン) Mother
AKIRA AKR姉貴 Alice, Eirin @myon_purin
Rurima (るりま) RRM姉貴 Reimu @rurimanursery
Ichigo (Kusso☆) (いちご(クッソー☆)) ICG姉貴 Riran @nanairo_rabbit
Koga (古賀) KG姉貴 Kitten
Iseamoa (イセアモア) ISAMA兄貴 Rinnosuke


  • Reddit uses “Kusso☆☆☆☆” (クッソー☆☆☆☆), but Kusso☆ S4 (クッソー☆4期) works better.
    • There is no sokuon in “KusoKuri☆” (クソクリ☆), so it cannot be read as “KussoKuri☆”.
  • The entire video is a Cookie☆☆ S1 parody that has many references to Cookie☆ in general and it even satirizes the meta. Some may love it for this, others may not. Compare with Kuso★.
  • “Tamago Sushi-kun” (玉子寿司くん, lit. “Egg Sushi”) from Memo☆ also makes a cameo with Riran.

See also

The video is simply tagged Kusso☆, which is confusing when you're trying to talk about the other videos in the Kusso☆ series. Initially, fans called it Kusso☆FINAL since Atouda claimed that it would be his last video, but it was later changed to KusoKuri☆ after he started producing more videos.
Kohaku identifies as “X gender” (Xジェンダー), which is the Japanese word for “non-binary gender”, so “Kokaku Aniki” (KHK兄貴) is used out of respect.
“Yuuh!” is actually pronounced “Yuuhi”, she just has the “i” flipped for stylistic purposes.
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