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The “Ayatsuri(Manipulation) Incident” (アヤツリ異変, Ayatsuri Ihen) was a fan-made Touhou Project on Flipnote Gallery: World that “Rīna” (りーな) uploaded in 2014 and 2015, but was left abandoned for various reasons. It has the short name of Memo☆/Memmo☆ (メッモー☆, Memmō☆).


Daiyousei wants to play with Cirno, but she's acting strange, so Daiyousei fled to the Hakurei Shrine where she asks Reimu for help. She eventually realizes that Cirno wants to fight. Daiyousei loses, while Marisa watches over them. In Hakugyokurou, Yuyuko and Yukari mention a “Mischievous Fox of Terror” that entered Gensokyo, and the antagonist is shortly revealed to be “Miramikaru Riran” (ミラミカルリラン).

A short flashback of Riran inflicting insanity onto Cirno plays, then the story moves onto Koumakan where Koakuma organizes books and Marisa talks to Patchouli about Cirno acting strange. Koakuma hears a strange noise and checks it out. It's Riran and Koakuma tries to fend her off, but Riran uses her Dark Inferno. Back at the shrine, Aya tells Reimu and Daiyousei about Cirno getting attacked earlier.

Remilia discovers that a fox has entered the mansion and comes across Flandre with a downed Patchouli. She orders Flandre to go into the basement for her own safety, but Flandre gets upset about it. Sakuya returns from a shopping trip, gets filled in on what happened, and Marisa goes into the basement to comfort Flandre. We then see Cirno questioning her relationship with Riran and leaves, but Riran moves on.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced
Mayu / Kahorin (かほりん) Daiyousei, Flandre
MoeLa (もえLa) Cirno
Benitsuki (紅月) Reimu
Komame (こまめ) Marisa (Episode 2 only)
Ririsa (梨々沙) Yuyuko
Sayaka (さやか) Yukari
Monaka Mochi (もなかもち) Riran
Drop (ドロップ) Koakuma, Fairy Maid
Chiho♪ (知帆♪) Marisa
Yuna (ゆな) Patchouli
Rina (りーな) Aya
Yuuko (ゆうこ) Remilia
Hotate (帆立) Sakuya


Memo☆ is made by an elementary schooler who got some elementary and middle school kids to take part in it and while that seems like a recipe for disaster, especially since there's an original character involved, the series is actually executed pretty well in terms of story, music selection, animation, etc. On July 6, 2015, it was reposted on Niconico Douga without permission and attracted Cookie☆ fans due to a locked tag.1)


At some point, Rina made a Twitter account and she received lots of attention from Cookie☆ fans. However, her parents got worried since she's just an elementary schooler and decided to restrict her internet usage. She also left a note saying that Memo☆ would be cancelled if another video was reposted to Niconico Douga, which someone eventually did and forced her to retire.


  • Rina was reportedly born on February 26, 2004. At the time of this writing, she would be an adult.
  • Memo☆ doesn't use Honobono Jinja in the first episode, that piece of music was edited in.
  • “Tamago Sushi-kun” (玉子寿司くん, lit. “Egg Sushi”), or the “Sushi That Appears in Memo☆ Episode 10” (メッモー☆の10話ぐらいに出てくる寿司), is hidden in the corner of Episode 10.

See also

  • KusoKuri☆ - This voice drama has a Riran cameo which has contributed to her popularity.
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