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Honobono Jinja

Honobono Jinja (ほのぼの神社, lit. “Heartwarming Shrine”) is a fan-made Touhou Project arrange of “Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Ancients” from “Saichōsei no Hito”1) that is best known for its use in the Cookie☆ intro.2) It was eventually made public on the video's one-year anniversary.3)


It was first used as background music in the first few scenes of Cookie☆ but it wasn't initially available and had to be manually extracted from Cookie☆ when people were making MAD videos, though the arranger would eventually upload the source material. Thanks to its use in Cookie☆, the song has been implemented in many Cookie☆-related MAD videos and arranges.

Honobono Jinja Arranges

Basic Guidelines

There are no strictly defined guidelines for Honobono Jinja arranges, but the basic guidelines are shown in the list below. If a video is in violation of a guideline, it's best to respectfully leave a comment.

  • The thumbnail should have the “Puha~ Reimu” (ぷはーRIM) with the (⌒∇⌒) face or a variant of it.
  • The title should have a file extension (e.g. .mp3, .wmv, .gba, .pdf, .ndk, .yjsnpi, etc.), but inserting “Honobono” (ほのぼの) or “Jinja” (神社) somewhere in the title is completely optional.
  • It needs to have the Honobono Jinja melody or solely use the same instruments.
  • Multiple people can have the same idea for an arrange, but it's polite to point to alternate versions.

Wiki Navigation

There is a Honobono Jinja Arrange Wiki (ほのぼの神社アレンジ Wiki) and for personal convenience and my own curiosity, I've translated the relevant parts of the wiki's sidebar below:


  • The original arranger does approve of the Honobono Jinja arranges, as seen with his playlists titled "Homohomo" (ほもほも) and "Homohomo II" (ほもほもⅡ).
  • The song in the real first scene of Cookie☆☆ S2, “Arukas Load” by H/MIX GALLERY, has been dubbed “Honobono Jinja: The New Testament” (新約ほのぼの神社, Shin'yaku Honobono Jinja) as a result and has its own tag here. Some might recognize the song from Alice Mare.

  V _ _ V
 イ 川`'从ヘリノト、
└ハ.[]= . =[]イイ  ぷはー
  N( ト 冖 イ! l┘
  Y ソ-t' 'ァ-レ丶
  .l !yΓ ̄^l イ-l
“Saichōsei no Hito” (再調整の人, lit. “Rearrange Man”) is a person that made Famicom-style arranges of BeatMARIO's songs, but people complained that he rushed them, so he 'rearranged' it and uploaded an improved version about a day later which is how he got the name. It's been taken down since, but has been mirrored here. Some of his other works can be seen on his Niconico Encyclopedia article.
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