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Kusso☆ S3

Reimu and Marisa's Chocolate★Heart (霊夢と魔理沙のチョコレート★ハート, Reimu to Marisa no Chokorēto★Hāto) is the third Cookie☆ voice drama by “Ako Atouda” that released on August 15, 2015.1) It also has the short names, Kusso☆☆☆ (クッソー☆☆☆) or Choco★ (チョコ★),2)


The video starts with Reimu preparing a chocolate heart for Marisa on Valentine's Day. Marisa visits her, but looks for Alice to help appraise Patchouli's magic books. Reimu struggles to confess, so Marisa leaves for Koumakan where she messes with Meiling's chocolate gift to Sakuya at the gate, then she blasts a hole in the side of the mansion. We cut to Alice visiting the Palanquin Ship's Pastry Workshop for ingredients.

As most of you know, Nazrin informs Alice that they've ran out of ingredients, then Yuuka gives a long-winded explanation on Valentine's Day as Alice settles for two chocolate bars. She gives one of the bars to Reimu, then gives the other to Marisa right in front of her, causing Reimu to be heartbroken and smash the chocolate heart. In the post-credits, Sakuya licks the chocolate smeared onto Meiling's face.

Cast and credits

Voice actors

Voice actor Character(s) voiced Twitter handle
Rurima (るりま) RRM姉貴 Reimu @rurimanursery
※Suzu (※すず) SZ姉貴 Marisa
Ichigo (Kusso☆) (いちご (クッソー☆)) ICG姉貴 Alice @nanairo_rabbit
Nyon (にょん) NYN姉貴 Nazrin, Patchouli
AKIRA AKR姉貴 Yuuka @myon_purin
Otoha 鳴深 Meiling @otoha_niconico
Ruko (るこ) Sakuya


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  • This video is best known for breaking the “Valentine's Day” formula, ending in heartbreak.
  • The only minor characters are “Milk” (牛乳, Gyūnyū) and “Flour” (小麦粉, Komugiko), who represent Minamitsu and Ichirin, and they've gained some significance via NYN姉貴 memes.

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Traditionally, the video would be called “Kusso☆☆☆” (クッソー☆☆☆) or “Kusso☆ S3” (クッソー☆3期). However, Atouda calls it “Choco★” (チョコ★) instead, which can be alternatively written as “Choco☆” (チョコ☆), “Chocolate★” (チョコレート★) and “Chocolate☆” (チョコレート☆).
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