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It's Just Dirty Talk♪

It's just dirty talk♪” (淫語だけだよ♪, Ingo dakeda yo♪) refers to a set of scripted dirty talk recordings produced by the doujin circle, “Circle Poron” (サークルポロン, Sākuru Poron). They released three sets, along with a few Ingoloids,1) but the first set is all that really matters.



It's just dirty talk♪ Onii-chan♪” (淫語だけだよ♪おにぃちゃん♪, Ingo dakeda yo♪ Onii-chan♪) is about a girl yearning for sex in the morning and bothering her brother for his cock. It's not a very good script.

Japanese Transcript English Translation
うー朝だーおまんこ!おまんこしたーいおまんこ!おまんこおまんこ! Ugh, it's morning. Sex!2) Sex, I want sex! Sex, sex!
おまんこしたーい!おまんこしたいおまんこしたいおまんこおまんこまんこ! I want sex! I want sex, I want sex, sex, sex, sex!
お兄ちゃん起きたかなー?ちんぽちんぽちんぽちんぽ欲しいちんぽ欲しい! Is onii-chan awake? Cock, cock, cock, I want cock, I want cock!
- End of Voice Sample -
お兄ちゃんのちんぽ欲しいお兄ちゃんのちんぽ欲しいー、あー、あー、お兄ちゃんのちんぽ、お兄ちゃんのでっかいちんぽ、お兄ちゃんのぶっといちんぽ、ちんぽちんぽちんぽ、はやくちんぽ欲しい。 I want onii-chan's cock, I want onii-chan's cock, ah, ah, I want onii-chan's cock, I want onii-chan's huge cock, I want onii-chan's thick cock, cock, cock, cock, I want a cock now.
お兄ちゃん。起きて、起きて。何眠そうな顔してんのよ。 Onii-chan. Get up, get up. What a sleepy face you have.
布団をめくれば、ほーら、朝立ち勃起ちんぽだ。ちんぽちんぽちんぽちんぽちんぽ。 Take off the futon and, look, you have a morning erection. Cock, cock, cock, cock, cock.
パジャマとズボン脱がすぞー!ピくんてちんぽが揺れーた。 Let's take off your pajama pants! Pikun,3) your cock shook.
ぎゅってちんぽ握って、まずは手まんこだよ。手まんこ。 First, I'll firmly grab your cock with my hand pussy. Hand pussy.

Dōtei sensei♪

It's just dirty talk♪ Virgin sensei♪” (淫語だけだよ♪童貞先生♪, Ingo dakeda yo♪ Dōtei sensei♪), also known as “Masturbating with Rurima” (るりまでオナろう, Rurima de Onarou) or “Onarou” (オナろう),4) is about a female student who heads back to her classroom after forgetting something and discovers that her teacher was still there masturbating. She initially pities him, but then offers to have sex.

Japanese Transcript English Translation
わすれもの、わすれもの I forgot something! I forgot something!
あれ、童貞ちんぽこ先生まだいたんだ Huh? The virgin dick teacher is still here?
ん、なんだこの匂いは? んん〜? これは…… W-what's this smell? Hmm…? Isn't this…
精子 Sperm
精液 Semen
ザーメン “Samen”5)
ザー汁 The Juice
キンタマ汁 Ball Broth
赤ちゃん製造ミルク Baby-Making Milk
さては、ちんぽこしこってたな? Does that mean, you were jacking off?
一人でオナニーかわいそう ちんぽこかわいそう Masturbating alone is pitiful. Poor thing.
わたしがおまんこしてやろうか? Do you want to have sex?
おまんこだよ Yes, sex!
おまんこなかだしオーケーだし It's okay to cum inside.
本当だよ? コンドームなんかしなくていいんだよ? Really? Without a condom?
生ちんぽこ、おまんこにぶっさせるんだよ? Do you wanna do it raw?
からかってないよ、ほんとうにほんと I'm not teasing, I'm being serious.
じゃあ、今から服脱ぎます! Then, let's take off our clothes!


It's just dirty talk♪ Ojou-sama♪” (淫語だけだよ♪お嬢様♪, Ingo dakeda yo♪ Ojō-sama♪) is the third script of the first set, but not much is known about it.


No. Voice actor Notes
1 Byakuya Ako
2 Rurima
RRM姉貴 Most of you know her as the Reimu in Kusso☆☆☆.
3 Sakurasaku
4 Yutenkyō
5 Maruru
MRR姉貴 Later voiced in Eating with Maruru and Posso☆.
6 Ennui6)
ANNYUI姉貴 Her voice is reminiscent of Kurikinton from Cookie☆☆ S2.
7 Yuki
“Ingoloid” (淫語ロイド) is a set of adult-themed voicebanks that people could play around with. Be advised that unauthorized commercial use is forbidden.
“Omanko” (おまんこ) is a slang term for a vagina, but it can also be a metaphor for sexual intercourse.
“Pikun” (ピくん) is a sound effect for a flinch, twitch, or throb.
“Masturbating with Rurima” (るりまでオナろう, Rurima de Onarou) was originally a tag for Rurima's Ingoloid, but it has become synonymous with this script instead.
“Zāmen” (ザーメン) is a loanword meaning “Semen” but comes from the German word which is “Samen”.
“Ennui” is a French word for an emotion that roughly means “boredom”, “melancholy”, or “weltschmerz”. It kinda sounds like “on we” which becomes “Annyui” (アンニュイ) in Japanese katakana.
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