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Kuso★ (供素(クソ)★), also titled Marisa and Reimu's Christmas Party (魔理沙と霊夢のクリスマスパーティ, Marisa to Reimu no Kurisumasu Pāti), is another Cookie☆ voice drama by “Ako Atouda” that was released May 14, 2018.1) It's mainly a parody of Masashi Sada's Gege.2)


The video begins with a Christmas Party at the Hakurei Shrine, then shows Reimu tending to Marisa under a starry night. We are then taken to September where Marisa fights Riran and loses, then Marisa and Reimu have a relaxed chat at the shrine. Reimu tells her to see a doctor, but Marisa shrugs this off and leaves. That night, Marisa picks up a book after bathing, turns on a lamp, and blinds herself in the process.

At the clinic, Eirin warns Marisa that she'll become blind soon. Marisa shrugs this off again, but Reimu insists on staying by her side and starts crying. She tells Rinnosuke, visibly under the medicine's effect, about the arrangement, then attempts to sell him junk but gets told to leave. At the shrine, Marisa and Reimu go to bed, but Marisa gets a brief scare as she believed that she just went blind.

The next day, Marisa convinces Reimu to throw a Christmas Party so she could see everyone's faces. They visit a pastry workshop, but Milk and Flour tells them that they're sold out due to a grand reopening sale, offering a mail-order catalog instead. Marisa suddenly gets a headache, then finds herself in the back of the store with Byakuren who tells Marisa that her blindness might lead to her own “summer solution”.

Back at the shrine, Marisa and Reimu argue about serving fried chicken or roast chicken, they decide on roast chicken. Yuyuko in an Iron Man outfit hands them an oven, then Milk and Flour arrive with their ingredients. Marisa realizes they forgot to order strawberries and, for some reason, chooses to head to their pastry workshop alone. However, night falls and Reimu starts looking for her.

She discovers that Marisa was now blind and starts crying as Marisa fondly recalls Reimu's smile. We finally arrive at the Christmas Party. After Reimu tends to her, Marisa describes her blindness like being coated in snow, yet it's warm as long as she's with Reimu. To break the mood, Marisa suddenly decides to serve Reimu a drink through her mouth, but they start licking each other and it rapidly turns into gay sex.

The credits start to roll with "September" playing over it. Parsee starts wondering why Reimu and Marisa aren't present when they're the hosts. She tells Utsuho to go find them, but it turns out that the two were indeed having gay sex, so she just pretends that she didn't see anything. To finish the video, we get a scene where Marisa guesses what the two were having for dinner.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced
Haruki Jun (春希ジュン) HRK姉貴 Reimu
Ichirō (いちろう) ICR姉貴 Marisa
Kinu (きぬ) KN姉貴 Riran, Nue, Remilia
Iseamoa (イセアモア) ISAMA兄貴 Rinnosuke
AKIRA AKR姉貴 Eirin, Yuuka
Arika (ありか) ARK姉貴 Reisen, Cirno
Mugi (むぎ) MG兄貴 Flour
Yogei Meiko (ヨゲイ メイコ) Milk
Eichi (栄知) Byakuren, Alice, Sanae
Zerukaro (ぜ~るかろ) ZRKL姉貴 Yuyuko, Suwako
Hisano (久野) Youmu, Clownpiece
Sakakibara Ruka (榊原瑠花) RK姉貴 Parsee
Itō Ryō (伊藤魎) RYO姉貴 Utsuho
Yuba (湯葉) YB姉貴 Dramatic Song
Reitetsu (レイテツ) RITT兄貴 Quiz Voice
Ryō-san's Sister (魎さんの妹) Narration


  • “Kuso★” (供素★) uses the on'yomi reading of the kanji, so it doesn't actually mean anything.
    • It'd actually be “Gōngsù” (供素★) in Chinese, which is just a nonsense word for “provide element”.
    • The “official number” for this video varies, but I'll use “Kusso☆ S5” based off of this page.
  • People were initially worried that Milk and Flour being voiced would ruin the characters, but it turned out to not be an issue since Kuso★ isn't really all that MAD worthy anyways.
  • The story about “monks secluding themselves indoors during the summer to avoid stepping on small creatures” does accurately describe how temples were invented according to Buddhist monks.

See also

“Gege” (解夏, lit. “Summer Solution”) is a story by Masashi Sada that was published in December 2002 and it's about a woman who falls in love with a man that becomes blind. The book got a movie adaptation in January 2004, then it saw a TV drama adaptation that was titled "Itoshi Kimi e" (愛し君へ, lit. “To The One I Love”) months later. The TV drama is the only one with a translation.
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