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Unprecedented Boom

An Unprecedented ○○ Boom (空前の○○ブーム, Kūzen no ○○ Būmu) is a tag used when certain things become popular in the Inmu and Cookie☆ community. As a side note, the Unprecedented Boom tag isn't strictly used when a boom occurs.

List of Booms

See also

“Choco Monaka Jumbo” (チョコモナカジャンボ, Choko Monaka Janbo) is an ice cream product from Morinaga & Company that resembles a type of Wagashi called a Monaka, though it's really just ice cream jammed between two crunchy wafers.
“Genji Higashiyama” (東山源次) is a character from the mobile otome game, In Your Arms Tonight.
"Shin Takarajima" (新宝島, lit. "New Treasure Island") is a song by Sakanaction that was featured as the ending theme of 2015 film, Bakuman.
“Kensuke” (健介) and “Gotō-san” (GTさん) appear in the first episode of Acceed's IKUZE06, where a junior confesses his love to a senior in the rugby club by saying “Senpai! Sukissu!” (先輩!好きッス!).
“Orga Itsuka” (オルガ・イツカ) is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. It isn't really a secret that he dies in Episode 48. Some may recognize him from Astro Gangan BB material.
"Shibamata" (柴又) is an OtoMAD video by “Nigou.” (2号.) that uses an original song. It became popular again after Remmuh posted his version of "Shibamata☆" (柴又☆) back in 2017.
"Sugar Kunna and Bitter Dash" is a short OtoMAD that combines an Indian Curry video by Kunna Dash with the Blood Blockade Battlefront anime ending theme, "Sugar Song and Bitter Step". However, all you'll hear is “Namaste! Kyō wa Kunna Kunna Kunna, etc.” (ナマステ!今日はクンナクンナクンナ(ry).
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