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“My Oshi is Shisou Aneki!”

Kokakoi” (狐仮虎威) is a Japanese internet user who surfaced in 2018, making Cookie☆-related MAD videos, then became a Virtual YouTuber under names: “Azuki Aisu Ranmaru” (あずきアイス藍丸),1)Ishinomaki Tsumuri” (石巻つむり), and “Kaiten Tsuzuri” (廻天つづり).


Kokakoi era

In January 2018, she initially surfaced on Niconico as “Chōryōbatsuko” (跳梁跋扈)2) where she made these “GyūHaga” (ぎゅうハガ)3) videos, then she changed accounts and became “Kokakoi” in September 2018. Around February 11, 2019, it was revealed that their voice was quite feminine,4) but despite never confirming her age or gender at the time, most people just treated her as a “female contributor” since then.

Then in March 2019, she began pushing for “Shisou Aneki” (死相姉貴), the Komachi in Cookie☆, by posting material of her, making the “DiyuShiso” (ぢゆしそ)5) series, and forcing a small boom. Later that year, she began the Monthly Cookie☆ Rankings6) as a way to encourage activity. It'd later cause a minor commotion as it wasn't clear that the rankings only covered MAD videos.

Ranmaru era 🍄

For the 10th anniversary of Cookie☆, she released her own voice drama, Mental☆, on February 14, 2020. Around March 2020, she joined a doujin circle named “Shouka Isshin” (焼菓一心) that made Cookie☆ arranges. Suddenly on May 23, 2020, she debut as a Virtual YouTuber named “Azuki Aisu Ranmaru” while continuing her aspiration of garnering interest in Cookie☆, holding weekly BB viewing parties.

On her second week as a Virtual YouTuber, there was a minor scare that she might've doxed herself, but it was debunked and she came back on June 4, 2020.7) A few months later, she would become a frequent guest on Jiko Mujun's streams.8)9)10)11) While she dual-streamed on both Niconico and YouTube, she would make some of her streams exclusive to YouTube on September 20, 2020.12)

She also revealed a lot more about herself, strongly hinting that she is female by mentioning that it's difficult to find same-sex acquaintances to collaborate with,13) then she accidentally revealed her true age while taking a personality test.14) The streams weren't officially archived, but she cried and confirmed that she was born in 1993 (aged 27), single, worked irregular hours, and used Cookie☆ to escape her self-hatred.

Despite revealing her true personality, she remained active, though most of her content was on “Azuki Aisu Ranmaru” instead of “Kokakoi”. Then on August 9, 2021, she mentioned that she would soon pause her activities at an undetermined date.15) As foretold, she formally announced that she had suspended activities as “Azuki Aisu Ranmaru” (and “Kokakoi”) on August 21, 2021.16)

Tsumuri era 🐌

On August 13, 2021, a new Virtual YouTuber agency “Room 201” (201号室) unveiled “Ishinomaki Tsumuri”17) who advertised herself as durable. After a while, it got the attention of 4chan users on August 20, 2021,18) but her long-time followers on 2channel didn't seem to appreciate this development, so they did everything to make their queen sound unappealing to foreigners.19) This was a complete mess.

The following paragraph contains graphic, violent content. Be warned.

Then on September 11, 2021, as punishment for being late the previous day, she made the rash decision to tear off her left pinky's fingernail on stream, using a hammer and tweezers, to prove her durability. She was left screaming and crying for 10 minutes, unable to respond to her chatroom's reactions, then the stream was terminated. Naturally, she was suspended to recover.20)21)

After the incident, she gave us a health update on September 23, 2021,22)23) then later announced that she would return on September 28, 2021.24)25) Her channel on YouTube was monetized by October 8, 2021. In 2022, she got a new Live2D rig,26) then she abruptly resigned on February 12, 2022 over a contract dispute, alleging that “Room 201” was demanding her to pay a penalty fee for the new Live2D rig.27)

Tsuzuri era ⚙️

To be written.

Following her termination from Room 201, she would rebrand as “Kaiten Tsuzuri” around March 2022.


As a voice actress

  • Eirin Yagokoro in Mental☆ [2020-02-14]
  • “Cookiefag who seems to like Shisou Aneki” in Jiko Mujun☆ Rebirth [2020-02-22]
  • Mystia Lorelei in Danshu☆ [2020-04-16]
  • Sakuya Izayoi in Tou☆Hou☆Hakusho [2020-08-11]

As a planner

  • Mental☆
  • Jiko Mujun☆ Rebirth
  • Danshu☆
  • Mitsumori☆ (draft)
  • Taxi☆ (draft)


  • She was born in 1993,28) which would suggest that she would've been 16 or 17 years old when the Cookie☆ phenomenon was starting up in 2010. At the time of this writing, she is in her 30s.
  • Based on her Japanese predictive conversions, she has typed “Nōgata-shi” (直方市) at one point, but the significance of Nōgata, Fukuoka on the Japanese island of Kyūshū remains unknown.
  • In the past, she held an obvious dislike against Green Tea, excluding her from the rankings and even transcribed audio of her reviewing a dildo that Kokakoi's defenders send over Twitter.
  • Her old Undertale playthrough was dubbed “Menheratale” (メンヘラテール) as she really wasn't stable and exhibited mood swings, coming off as “narrow-minded” and “inflexible” for her open rants.
  • After the infamous fingernail stream, a crazy fan named “Fluvoxamine” (フルボキサミン), who has an “AAR” tattoo on his collarbone,29) ripped off four of his own toenails in response.30)
“Adzuki Ice” (あずきアイス, Azuki Aisu) is just ice cream mixed with red bean paste.
“Chōryōbatsuko” (跳梁跋扈) is a yojijukugo meaning “domination” or “rampage”.
“GyūHaga” (ぎゅうハガ) is an odd, crossover pairing of “Milk” (牛乳, Gyūnyū) from Kusso☆ S3 with “Mayor Haggar” (ハガー市長, Hagā Shichō) from the Inmu gay porn, POWER LOVE (パワーラブ).
"ぎゅうハガ女投稿者さま①" (February 11, 2019). Niconico.
“DiyoShiso” (ぢゆしそ) are a series of videos that feature “DIYUSI” and “Shisou Aneki” (死相姉貴). Both characters are derived from the original Cookie☆ video.
"月刊クッキー☆ランキング2019年8月号" (September 2, 2019). Niconico Douga.
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