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Training with Sanae

Training with Sanae (早苗といっしょにトレーニング, Sanae to Isshoni Torēningu), or SanaTore (さなトレ), is a comedic, semi-erotic, Touhou Project fan animation by the doujin circle, “Peach Heaven” (ピーチヘブン), that had its trailer uploaded on March 14, 2011.1)


Sanae hands over a Valentine's Day gift, hoping they'll get something back on White Day. A few days later, during the Moriya Shrine's dinner, Kanako jokes about Suwako and Sanae talks about being worried about her weight. We get a lengthy cutscene of Sanae using a wooden horse to shape up before Kanako tells her that it's normal since her body's still growing. The trailer ends with a gag about Kanako.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced
Umihara Erena
SWK Suwako, Kanako


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