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Kuso Inu☆

Nico Life Hata-tan (ニコ生はたたん, Niconama Hata-tan) is a fan-made Touhou Project comic by “Shiruka Baka Udon” (知るかバカうどん) who published it on May 11, 2012.1)2) This is the second part of a short series about the suicidal, fanon creation known as Hata-tan.

Her doujin circle, “Chemical Janky”, would also release a preview with voice acting for Reitaisai 9 on May 19, 20123) and the minor Inmu reference lured in Cookie☆ fans who'd name the video, Kuso Inu☆ (クソ犬☆). The incomplete preview may have the alternate name, “If You Aren’t Feeling Well, Why Not Take a Jab?” (元気がなけわば❌ャブをキメればいいじゃない, Genki ga Nake waba Jabbu o Kimereba Ī Janai).4)


The story begins with Chen showing her new iPhone to Cirno and pulling up Niconico Douga, then it cuts to Hatate's stream. She receives a negative comment and slits her wrists off-stream. That night, Aya called, which excites Hatate as she hadn't seen her since high school.5) Unfortunately, she didn't expect Momiji to be at the restaurant with Aya, making her jealous of Momiji's affection.

Aya asks Hatate to help out with her work. Hatate sees this as a way to rekindle their friendship and accepts, but Momiji really compromises how she thought this would work out. Three weeks later, Hatate leaves her apartment, intending to improve while sulking, and Tewi approaches her. She accepts the drugs, takes it, and gets enough motivation to finish her task. Aya is impressed, but Momiji becomes jealous in turn.

Hatate praises Tewi, gets paid for her work, and resumes streaming. Her happiness didn't last as Aya would be dissatisfied by her next piece, then Momiji slams Hatate's face into her food when Aya isn't looking. Aya returns, Momiji acts innocent, and Hatate simply leaves without saying anything. Returning to her apartment, we see Hatate watch the Inmu video upload where Hide gets abducted and beaten.

Sadly, she gets depressed again. The three meet up once more, but Aya harshly criticizes Hatate's work as Momiji steps on her toes. Hatate returns to the park with freshly slit wrists and vents to Tewi since the drug started to wear off. Tewi offers a more potent drug that goes into her arm, incidentally turning her into a drug addict as she resumes streaming. (Most previews of the story end here, omitting the final third.)

This time, Hatate gets light praise from Aya, but Momiji spoils her mood and stabs her slit wrists with a fork.6) Momiji reverts to her act as Aya returns, but Hatate shouts and leaves. Hatate streams her breakdown and gathers negative responses, then rejects all reason. We return to Chen and Cirno where it's told that she had stopped streaming after the breakdown and reads rumors of her fate.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced Twitter handle
Raimu (らいむ) RaIM姉貴
Hatate @aerobics1030
Shukoren (朱紅蓮) SKRN姉貴 Momiji, Cirno
Tsuyuri (つゆり) Tewi @tsuyukira
RIO☆ AY先輩 Aya, Chen @rio_0c_0v


  • JK Hata-tanJK Hata-tan Aisare JouzuNicoNama Hata-tanPakiPaki Hata-tan
  • “Shiruka Baka Udon” only directed two videos: Kuso Inu☆ and Shūkyō☆ (Religion☆).
  • The Hata-tan series has yet to be translated into the English language properly as most of the existing translations after the first story actually turn out to be translations of the previews.
"ニコ生はたたん" (May 11, 2012). Niconico Seiga.
"【例大祭9】 ニコ生はたたん" (May 19, 2012). Niconico Douga.
A translation of the incomplete preview translates their alternate name to “When You're Feeling Down, Isn't It Great To Want To Give Yourself A J@b?”.
In the previous works, Hatate and Aya were high school friends until Sanae arrived. Hatate finds out that Sanae abuses children, capturing a picture of the scene, but Sanae figured out and tortures her. This incident forces Hatate to change schools, only to find out that her past followed her. Hatate gets a boyfriend to fill the void left by Aya, but this clearly didn't work out as Hatate gets beaten and abused.
The fork is significant as it was the same weapon that Sanae used on Hatate, destroying her relationship with Aya, which is why Momiji doing the same thing causes her to have a mental breakdown.
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