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Marisa and Alice's Easter Egg Hunt (魔理沙とアリスのイースターエッグHunt, Marisa to Arisu no Īsutā Eggu Hanto) is a Cookie☆ voice drama directed by “MajorMilk” that was uploaded around May 10, 2017.1) It holds the short name, Easter☆ (イースター☆).


Alice prepares for Easter, but realizes she doesn't have any ingredients or invitations. She leaves, Momiji tags along for crashing in front of her house, then they travel to a mall where they ask Nitori to make copies of her invitation and buy ingredients from Nazrin. They carry everything back home and Yuuka bothers them, questioning why they're even celebrating a western holiday before explaining Easter in detail.

They wander off and run into Aya, who Alice asks to deliver her invitations. When they finally get home, they realize that they forgot to get some eggs, but they both go cover the forest with Easter Eggs instead. They take a tea break, then Reimu and Marisa arrives. Unfortunately, Alice didn't have any cakes for them, but the four of them go on an Easter egg hunt as the forest collectively flips them off.

Eventually, Alice realizes that nobody really showed up for Easter and she begins to cry, but Reimu comforts her and they both kiss. Alice and Reimu regroup with Marisa, count the eggs they got, and head back to Alice's house for some tea. The credits roll and everyone involved with the video leaves a few lines about the project. At the end of the video, we're shown that Momiji actually got lost and howls at the moon.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced Twitter handle
Webemez Web姉貴 Alice, Momiji @AnEnzmann
Kofji Kofji姉貴 Nitori, Nazrin @kofji
RedQueen RedQ姉貴 Yuuka @QueenofRedness
Maru Maru姉貴 Aya, Reimu @kotstasia
Sugarfloss Sugar姉貴 Marisa @Sugar_Floss_

※ There's no correct capitalization and the tags may be typed normally, all lowercase, all caps, alternating caps, etc. It's either since Japan doesn't realize you can devowel to get something similar to TDN notation or that TDN notation is already in use. That said, this causes problems on sites with case sensitive search engines, such as Pixiv for example.

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Easter☆ is the first foreign Cookie☆ video and it was refreshing for Japanese Cookie☆ fans since it wasn't just another Japanese Cookie☆ project, plus had people from around the world working on it. The story is simple and has a few stealthy Cookie☆ references, but there's a few non-Japanese memes hidden within the video that may need context. Web, Miji, and the mouse were most popular.


  • Due to bad font choice, the js looked like is, which is why “Kofii” and “MaiorMilk” was a thing.
    • This is why Kofji was “KFJ姉貴” and “KFI姉貴”, before they settled on “Kofji姉貴”, though they would realize that “KFJ姉貴” was the correct notation after her interview came out.
  • MajorMilk tried to localize his own name as “Captain Lactose” and that's kinda… super lame.
  • Sugarfloss vanished2) in 2017,3)4) but this was because she was a minor at the time.5)
  • The animals giving middle fingers are the “fucking animals” (ファッキンアニマル, fakkin animaru).

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