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Touhou Kanshasai(Thanksgiving)! (東方感謝祭!), or Touhou Thanksgiving Dinner, is the second Cookie☆ voice drama by “MajorMilk” that was uploaded on November 23, 2017.1) It has the short name of Turkey☆ (ターキー☆), but doesn't have much to do with Thanksgiving.


During a snowstorm at Marisa's house, Marisa told Reimu that the Human Village was having a Thanksgiving Festival, so Reimu sneaks out to check it out and thinks about setting up her own stand. She finds Reisen and Tewi doing the same, so she visits Kosuzu for a recipe book. Reimu bumps into Reisen again, robs Futo, finds wood to build her stand, then she catches Clownpiece and coerces her into providing fire.

The next day, Reimu finds all the junk that Marisa brought her and asks Suika to help move it, offering a can of Coors, then Reimu and Marisa return to the village. Reimu builds her stand, but fell asleep at the grill. Meanwhile, Marisa orders a burger from Nazrin and fish from Mystia. Mystia gets bullied by Eirin, then Marisa visits Sanae and Suwako's cafe before finding what's left of Futo's stand.

At the end of the day, Marisa returns to Reimu's stand, making Reimu realize that she had missed the entire festival. Alice stops by with some carrot cake, they break the fourth wall as the festival is out of place and blame Sumireko for it. The credits roll with commentary from the cast, then we get a post-credits scene of Sumireko visiting a psychiatrist and revealing that she knows nothing about Thanksgiving.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced Twitter handle
Nabira NBL姉貴 Sanae, Mamizou
Webemez Web姉貴 Marisa, Suwako @AnEnzmann
RedQueen RedQ姉貴 Mystia, Eirin @QueenofRedness
MiwaKaneko Futo, Sumireko
Cili CL姉貴 Reimu, Clownpiece @cililion
Comfy Suwako, Psychiatrist
Kofji Kofji姉貴 Tewi, Nazrin @kofji
Maru Maru姉貴 Reisen, Kosuzu @kotstasia
Minaminava Alice

※ There's no correct capitalization and the tags may be typed normally, all lowercase, all caps, alternating caps, etc. It's either since Japan doesn't realize you can devowel to get something similar to TDN notation or that TDN notation is already in use. That said, this causes problems on sites with case sensitive search engines, such as Pixiv for example.
※ The exceptions to this warning are “CL姉貴” and “NBR姉貴” who previously debut in the Japanese project, Honsure☆.

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The voice drama was hoping to outdo Easter☆, but it largely fell flat since the release was coordinated with Zapper☆ and Shien☆,2) and people wanted to talk about Zapper☆ instead.


  • “Kanshasai” (感謝祭) actually translates to “Thankful Feast” or “Thankful Festival”.
    • In Japan, they celebrate Labor Thanksgiving Day instead, a modernized version of the ancient Niiname-sai harvest festival where citizens would thank one another for their labor.
    • There is a small minority of Protestants in Japan who observe the North American version under the name, “Harvest Thanksgiving Day” (収穫感謝日, Shūkaku Kansha-bi), instead.
  • According to MajorMilk, he did include references to video games like Castlevania, Metal Slug, and Postal, foreshadowing his attempt to run up this angle with his final work, Half-Life☆.
  • The video has nothing to do with Türkiye and the only Turk involved in the project was a composer.

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