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Clownpiece with a Bit of Courage (クラウンピースと小さな勇気, Kuraun Pīsu to Chīsana Yūki), also known as HonSure☆ (本スレ☆)1) and Kurapi☆ (クラピー☆),2) is a Cookie☆ voice drama organized by the “Cookie☆ General Thread” on 2channel and released March 31, 2017.3)


Clownpiece introduces us to the video and we're taken to Koumakan where Remilia gets a letter on how the youkai outside have been acting up lately. During this, Clownpiece sneaks into their mansion and runs into Flandre, but she takes pity on her and brings her outside. They find Kogasa and the three of them are soon confronted by a beast. Clownpiece and Flandre fight it, while Kogasa runs to Koumakan for help.

A brief shopping channel parody segment featuring Kogasa and Nue occurs. We're brought back to Kogasa calling Sakuya and Remilia over to save Clownpiece and Flandre, then it's revealed that the beast was Nue who turned berserk due to Clownpiece's ability. In the end, Remilia invites all of them to a feast at Koumakan, then the credits plus voice actor commentary plays.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced
Ciri (Cり) CL姉貴 Clownpiece
Nabila (ナビラ) NBL姉貴 Flandre
Riri (リリ) RR姉貴 Sakuya, Youkai
Hisaka (寿香) HSK姉貴 Remilia
Mioto (未音) MOT姉貴 Kogasa
☯Meimei (☯銘々) MIMI姉貴 Nue


The idea was proposed to the Cookie☆ General Thread in late October 2016, deciding that Clownpiece will be the protagonist while Koumakan characters will have supporting roles. In December, they aimed for a February 2017 release, gathered the voice actors, and it was going well until the next month where the script was released and people kept saying the project was cancelled.

On February 14, 2017, the screenplay was leaked to Niconico Douga but later deleted, then an artist said it had to be postponed to March. A machine-read version of the video was uploaded as a joke on March 30, 2017, then the final product was uploaded the next day on March 31, 2017. It wasn't that big of a deal after its release, most people care about the “Nue-chan Shopping” segment and Hisaka.


  • The voice acting can be incredibly monotonous, so it's possible to fall asleep to the video.
  • Please don't grow mint in your garden. It's incredibly easy to get a mint-infested lawn.
“Hon Sure” (本スレ) roughly translates to “General Thread” and refers to the “Cookie☆ General Thread” (クッキー☆総合スレ, Kukkī☆ Sōgō Sure) on 2channel's /streaming/ board who's responsible for the video. It's probably possible to translate it as “GenThr☆” or “GenThre☆” but I don't think it works well.
“Kurapi” (クラピー) is a nickname for “Clownpiece” (クラウンピース, Kuraunsu) that doesn't translate well, but can be read as “Crappy” or “Clappy” if you want to fit a square peg into a round hole.
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