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Marisa's Bullet Drive (魔理沙のブレットドライブ, Marisa no Buretto Doraibu) is the last Cookie☆ voice drama by “MajorMilk”, uploaded on June 28, 2018.1) It was named Half-Life☆ (ハーフライフ☆, Hāfu Raifu☆) since half of the video is an obvious Half-Life reference.


Marisa decides to skip breakfast when she realizes that the Kappa's sales catalog was mailed to her, so she leaves to ask Clownpiece where she got the catalog from, but Marisa got hungry and took a detour to Alice's house where Momiji from Easter☆ tags along. Marisa talks about danmaku, Alice suggests a spell that requires the fire from Clownpiece's torch, then Momiji steals the food that Marisa was just gifted.

She eventually visits the shrine where Reimu demands her to clean the shrine, but bolts off once the fairies inform her that Clownpiece went to the Human Village. Marisa asks around for her, visits the mall, and she ends up eating at the Myouren Temple's restaurant when Clownpiece shows up. She explains that she got the catalog from the Kappa, shows off a box of fireworks, and the two drag Reisen (Lluvia) along.

Yuuka finishes up her Easter explanation, but they get her to talk about Independence Day. They go test the fireworks, then the three nap in a field.2) Marisa wakes up, remembering her anger at the Kappa, and breaks into their lab in Youkai Mountain. In short, the next scenes lead us to a blatant Half-Life parody, where the Resonance Cascade event will essentially introduce the concept of a Cookie☆ multiverse.

Marisa exits, finds Marisa (Ruka), then Nitori briefs them on the situation. They're both given "32x Armor", then sent into the multiverse gate with Reisen (Yoyo) where they all defeat the Nihilanth-like creature to seal the anomaly and get sent back to their respective universe. Marisa finds Reimu and Alice, telling them to ignore the portal storms, the credits roll with commentary, and we see Momiji float around.


Voice actor Character(s) voiced Twitter handle
Cili CL姉貴 Alice, Momiji @cililion
Danidani Marisa @kkulmilks
Webemez Web姉貴 Reimu, Cirno, Luna @AnEnzmann
Maru Maru姉貴 Sakuya, Minamitsu, Kappa 1 @kotstasia
Ruka RK姉貴 Marisa @ruka_v
Yoyo Reisen
Lluvia Reisen, Aya, Kappa 2 @Rainnyva
RedQueen RedQ姉貴 Kappa 3, Yuuka @QueenofRedness
ariga Clownpiece, Nitori, Kappa 4 @sylphjay

※ There's no correct capitalization and the tags may be typed normally, all lowercase, all caps, alternating caps, etc. It's either since Japan doesn't realize you can devowel to get something similar to TDN notation or that TDN notation is already in use. That said, this causes problems on sites with case sensitive search engines, such as Pixiv for example.
※ The exceptions to this warning are “CL姉貴” and “RK姉貴” who first/previously debuted in Japanese voice drama projects.


The voice drama is a stain on the Easter☆ trilogy as it's longer than Halloween☆, the pacing is significantly worse, and nobody really cared for the “science fiction” aspect of the story, especially since the Half-Life series doesn't share the same popularity status in Japan that it has in the Western community, so most of the abundant gaming references would typically end up falling flat to most Japanese Easter☆ fans.


  • According to MajorMilk, the multiverse shows Hazuna's universe at the center with Taisa's universe, Atouda's universe, MajorMilk's universe, and the Mooncake☆ universe attached to it.3)
  • Sakuya giving fish to Cirno is a reference to Furukawa's 1draw illustration,4) which ended up being a short-lived 4chan meme with the comment, “sakuya giving the cirno the fishe”.5)
  • Unlike his past works, a significant amount of Japanese participants had been involved in this work.
  • There used to be witty subtitles featured at the end of the video, here's what they all mean:
Language Subtitle shown Explanation
EN English fuck janny LMAOOOOOOOO An example of the usual anti-janitor shitpost on 4chan.
ES Spanish
FR French wtf why are there no italians in this France and Italy are rivals in a way. No Italians are credited. Would that be a complement or an insult?
JA Japanese GO is GOD. SWK is DUST A common position on that GO and SWK religious war.
TDN made this happen Niconico exclusive. A very simple reminder that, without the Tadano scandal, there would be no Inmu or Cookie☆.
I'm not gay, I just like gay sex YouTube exclusive. It's just a YouTube Poop reference.
KO Korean Same as above.
PT Portuguese uma delicia americana Translates to “an american delight”.
RU Russian Long live Intel Nagamoto A misspelling of “Inter Nagatomo” (インテル・ナガトモ), which is a theory that Yajuu Senpai's identity is the retired, former Inter Milan player, Yuto Nagatomo.
ZH Chinese MZ is LOVE You should know who Mars is.

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It should be noted that 18 minutes and 30 seconds, roughly 42% of the video, have passed before we get to the point of the story where the story actually advances.
"Cookie Multiverse Chart" (July 19, 2018). Niconico Seiga.
"sakuya giving the cirno the fishe" (July 18, 2017). 4chan /jp/.
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