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The Late Night Serious 60-Minute Drawing Game (深夜の真剣お絵描き60分一本勝負, Shin'ya no Shinken Oekaki 60-bu Ipponshōbu), or 1draw (ワンドロ, Wandoro),1) is a self-explanatory Twitter hashtag where artists are given a prompt and have an hour to exercise their skills.


At some point, the “@1draw_night” account posts a “prompt” that contains the game's start time and a few characters that artists may choose to draw. Below is an example of what the “prompt” looks like.

次回10/24 22:00より開催
お題はルーミア 空 ドレミーです
The next will be held on 10/24 at 22:00.
The theme is: Rumia, Utsuho, Doremy.
Challenge yourself! Beginners welcome!
Post the final product with the hashtag.
Example size: 1440×900 (this isn't required).

Depending on when it's posted, if at all, the artist may have time to think it over. Once the game begins, the artist has an hour to complete the drawing and post the results. In reality, some artist may choose to start early, some exceed the time limit and might not admit it, some end up with a draft that they do upload but also choose to add finishing touches to in a later post, and so forth.

Time conversion

The game will usually begin at 22:00 JST and end at 23:00 JST, but be warned that: Japan doesn't observe daylight savings time and the 1draw spinoff accounts might not follow the same rules.

20:00(08:00PM) 03:00(03:00AM) 04:00(04:00AM) 05:00(05:00AM) 06:00(06:00AM) 07:00(07:00AM) 11:00(11:00AM) 12:00(12:00PM) 13:00(01:00PM)
21:00(09:00PM) 04:00(04:00AM) 05:00(05:00AM) 06:00(06:00AM) 07:00(07:00AM) 08:00(08:00AM) 12:00(12:00PM) 13:00(01:00PM) 14:00(02:00PM)
22:00(10:00PM) 05:00(05:00AM) 06:00(06:00AM) 07:00(07:00AM) 08:00(08:00AM) 09:00(09:00AM) 13:00(01:00PM) 14:00(02:00PM) 15:00(03:00PM)
23:00(11:00PM) 06:00(06:00AM) 07:00(07:00AM) 08:00(08:00AM) 09:00(09:00AM) 10:00(10:00AM) 14:00(02:00PM) 15:00(03:00PM) 16:00(04:00PM)
00:00(12:00AM) 07:00(07:00AM) 08:00(08:00AM) 09:00(09:00AM) 10:00(10:00AM) 11:00(11:00AM) 15:00(03:00PM) 16:00(04:00PM) 17:00(05:00PM)
01:00(01:00AM) 08:00(08:00AM) 09:00(09:00AM) 10:00(10:00AM) 11:00(11:00AM) 12:00(12:00PM) 16:00(04:00PM) 17:00(05:00PM) 18:00(06:00PM)


On May 14, 2013, a discussion about one-hour drawings led to Twitter user “@kuroneko262” establishing a prompt where participants were to draw Koishi, Nazrin, and/or Kasen,2) and the challenge didn't have an associated hashtag until the third session.3) It was oddly popular and someone set up a support website for it. Sadly, the last prompt was posted on July 26, 2013,4) and the organizer quit since he was tired.5)6)

This was picked up by “Rebecca” (then: “@Rebeccareberebe”) who did ask to take over7)8)9) and resumed the game at the “@1draw_night” Twitter account. However, there was an issue with people borrowing the concept for a different subject and using the same hashtag. While the original organizer was okay with it and even combined the Touhou Project and Kantai Collection prompt,10) others weren't so happy.

At some point, “Rebecca” wrote an angry, reckless response which only seemed to make people angrier. It was later resolved by appending the version to the hashtag, but some didn't let this go due to a perceived rivalry at the time. By 2015, “Rebecca” decided to step down from organizer and wrote a long apology to all parties affected.11) Today, the organizer is unknown and a bot(?) is mostly in charge of the account.

1draw variations

Subject Account(s) Specifications
Arknights # @arknights1draw 2020–
Azur Lane # @azurlane_1draw 2017–2017
# @azurlane1draw 2020– Tweets about birthdays too.
Dragalia Lost # @dragalia1draw 2020– Monday, Saturday. JP/EN!
Girls und Panzer # @garupan_1draw 2016–2021
# @moo_period 2021–2021
# @oaraimiho 2021– Weekdays.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure # @JOJO_onedrow 2014–201?
@jojo_wandoro2 2018–2020
@jojo_onedraw3 2020– Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
Kantai Collection # @KC_1draw 2013–2015
@kancolle_1draw 2015–2020
@kancolle_1draw2 2020–
Love Live! Sunshine!! # @LLSunshine1draw 2015–
Madoka Magica # @madomagi_1draw 2014–
Pokémon Trainers # @Ptrainer_1draw 2013–2016
@pk_trainer_60m 2016–2019
@pt_one_draw 2019–2020
@pkmntrainer60m 2020–
Pretty Cure # @precure_1draw 2014–2017
@precure_1draw_2 2017–2019,
@precure_1draw_3 2019–2020
@_precure_1draw4 2020–2022
Touhou Project # @toho_5min 2015–2019 5 minutes.
# @90draw_night 2019– 90 minutes.
Touhou Project MMD # @one_mmd 2015–
UTAU # @one_utau 2014–2014
# 2015–
World Trigger # @wt_1draw 2014– Wednesday, Saturday.
Backgrounds # @hike10da1 2014– Saturday.
Non-humans # @jngi_1draw 2014–
Defunct or Inactive 1draw Accounts
Blue Archive # @b_archive1draw 2020–2022 Saturday, Sunday.
Cookie☆ # @udkmzazsri 2015–2018
# @HaxinCW 2020–2021 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
General Creativity # @sousaku60 2014–2019
Haikyu!! # @HQ_onedraw 201?–2015
Kagerou Project # @Kagepuro_oekaki 2015–2015
Key VNs # @key_oekaki 2014–2015
Love Live! # @LoveLive_1draw 2013–2015
@LL_onedraw 2015–2017
Pokémon Special #
Senyu # @sennyu_oekaki 2014–2022
Strike Witches #
# @WorldWitches_1d 2017–2018
The Legend of Zelda #
Uta no Prince-sama # @oekaki_utau
Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku # @uq_wandoro 2017–2018

See also

“1draw” is actually short for “1 Hour Drawing” (1時間ドローイング, Ichi Jikan Dorōingu).
"@Rebeccareberebe 引き継がれますか~?" (July 27, 2013). @kuroneko262 on Twitter.
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