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Marisa and Alice's Root Vegetables with Gorgonzola Dressing (魔理沙とアリスと根菜のゴルゴンゾーラ和え, Marisa to Arisu to Konsai no Gorugonzōra Ae), also called Gorgonzola☆ (ゴルゴンゾーラ☆), refers to the fourth Cookie☆ video by “Shiriri”, uploaded on June 6, 2018.1)


The video begins with Reimu handing a birthday invitation to Marisa, but Marisa tears it up and threatens to kill her, then the opening plays. At the Hakurei Shrine, Suika and Reimu find a cockroach. Wriggle bursts in and kills it, then Reimu gets rid of Wriggle and tells Suika to plug the hole she made. Five years later, Shion is asking for change, but Reimu refuses. Yukari is called in and brings a durian, whose smell kills Shion.

It turns out Joon was watching and threatens to have them arrested, which makes Reimu, Suika, and Yukari nervous. Reimu tries to light a cigarette but accidentally burns down her shrine, while Shion turns out to be alive. Shortly after, Marisa finds the three of them in a forest. Suika threatens to post in the anti-Marisa thread on 2channel's /gamechara/ board2) and Marisa pretends not to cry, but decides to join them.

They move to the Human Village and Shion appears as it starts to rain there. Shion scoffs at them and tries to show them how it's done, but doesn't get anything from Hecatia. Yukari invites them to “Border Inc.”3) but Ran just quit since she didn't get any abura-age, so she only has durians. Suika gives Chen some catnip and they tie Shion up in cat collars. The group considers eating her, but she's all skin and bones.

Instead, they decide to pit Shion against Tewi since their abilities are opposite of each other. They find Tewi who immediately accepts the fight, then we're brought to a fighting ring where Aya commentates on the match. Hina introduces Tewi who has Reisen Mk-II and Eirin behind her, then introduces Shion who is still tied up on a stretcher but the group motivates her since they're doing it for sponsorship money.

Reisen acts as the referee and tells them about the rules. The match begins and nobody won Round 1, but there's a short shopping channel segment on hydrogen water. Tewi pulls out a barber's pole in Round 2 which attracts Hina and she uses Hina's ability to drain the misfortune out of Shion to weaken her. Shion sees Joon in the crowd, but she's just there to steal money then gives a long speech to bring Shion down.

This makes Shion use her true power which defeats Tewi, but Yukari threw in the towel for Shion since her body couldn't handle it. Shion wakes up and finds out that Joon handed her money but she gives it all to Reimu. However, the audio has Suika's voice actor leaving and the others comment on how it's hard to cast genuine non-homogakis and how Cookie☆-inspired videos use lazy references.

After that, the credits roll with an Initial D clip and the video's assets are shown midway. We then see that Reimu had an expensive shrine built for her and Suika is voiced by Shion's voice actor. Tenshi begs to be punished, but Reimu tells Yuuka to drag her out. Shion reappears asking for change, but Reimu refuses and when she demands the fairies give her a cigarette, they revolt and burn the shrine down in the end.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced
Mochiya Mochi (餅屋もち) MCY姉貴 Reimu, Hina, Tenshi
Tento Yurina (天渡優里奈) Marisa
Hikoukai (非公開) Yukari, Wriggle
Yuyusu (ゆゆす) YYS姉貴 Suika, Aya
Zerukaro (ぜ~るかろ) ZRKL姉貴 Shion
Jun (ジュン) JUNくん Tewi, Joon
Akatoga Shihebiro (赤咎 獅蛇盧) Ran, Eirin, Reisen
Sutera (すてら) STL姉貴 Reisen Mk-II, Fairies
Kichigai Jigoku Gedō Saimon (キチガイ地獄外道祭文) KTGIJGKGDUSIMN姉貴 Hecatia


  • This video is also called Konsai☆ (根菜☆, lit. “Root Vegetable☆”) and Goruzo☆ (ゴルゾ☆).
  • If it's not obvious, the text boxes are a reference to the Animal Crossing series.
  • The phrase, I'm huge in Japan, typically refers to obscure popularity. However, the “big dick” (巨根, kyokon) below it adds a humorous context when stereotypical dick sizes is considered.

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“Border Inc.” (ボーダー商事) is a reference to an old IOSYS song from 2007.
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