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Translation Aggregator

Translation Aggregator is a program that is able to process foreign text through dictionaries and machine translators. It's set up to translate from Japanese to English, but it does have limited support for other languages. Most use this program for visual novels and text-heavy games.

Missing tools

When you use the program, you may notice that some of the windows will be grayed out or show errors. This either means you're missing tools or that window's translator isn't working and you should probably get rid of it. We will go over the missing tools here.


  • JParser (EDICT): Download “edict” and/or “edict2” here, then place the archive's contents in the /Dictionaries/ folder.
  • Mecab: Download the “MeCab” file from this page and install it, but do not use the “UTC-16” option.


  • ATLAS: Download an older trial, set the clock to 2010 when installing, apply the U0003 patch,1) then drop the modified “ATLCHECK.dll” and “AtlTransText.dll” files2) into ATLAS v14's folder.
  • LEC: Use this magnet link in your torrent client (e.g. qBittorrent, Deluge), extract its contents, mount the ISO (e.g. WinCDEmu), run the “install.exe” file, then use the access code that comes with it.


  • There are translation hooks compatible with visual novels (e.g. ITHVNR, ITH, AGTH, etc.) but I don't personally play any visual novels to know how they work.
  • Translation Aggregator - Translation Aggregator's release page. Unofficial fork.
  • Translation Aggregator - The official thread for Translation Aggregator. The program hasn't had an official update since 2016, so sift through the latest pages check the GitHub for the latest version.
There is a newer “U0004” patch, but it should be avoided since it makes the cracked DLLs not work.
An archive that contain these two modified files has been mirrored to: (direct download),,, and
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