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Classpect Tests

A classpect test,1) also called a mythological role test or a title test, is a method of answering a fun Homestuck thought exercise on Sburb, asking what mythological role and challenge you'd receive, and whether it brings you closer to a successful session's baseline requirements.2)

Keep in mind that these tests may not give the best results, compared to doing research on these components or, the method I would personally recommend, asking a close friend who has done the research if this option ever becomes available to you.

Summary and results

This chart holds a list of classpect tests, when they originally published, how many questions these roughly have at most, and all the results that I personally received. Some of the classpect tests may come off as convoluted and verbose, so I'll usually attempt to give these ones their own section, intending to reword and reorganize the test's instructions, visuals, and charts for other possible test-takers to digest.

Test and author Qs? Components considered
Classes Aspects
Homestuck Title Test
2011-11-29 ~208 Mage Time, Void
Find Your Sburb Title
2012-07-23 16 Page Space → Time, Void
Homestuck Title Test
inaniloquacity, bladekindEyewear
2012-11-13 162~ Rogue, Seer, Sylph Heart
Zules Homestuck Title Test
Zules, Grogert331
2014 3 Rogue Doom
Enneagram × Classpects
pressl2pee (enneabriggs)
2015 ~128* Witch, Heir, Mage, Seer Light, Void, Life, Doom
Heroic Title Test
Anonymous from 4chan
2016 96 Seer, Sylph Time
Classpect Title Test
Homestuck Theory Synthesis
2017-02-17 ~207 Seer Hope
Jungian Classpect Test
Jungian Classpecting
2020-02-02 115 Page Life
Classpect Quizzes
jinruihokankeikaku (communistvriska)
2020-07-20 38 Seer, Sylph Life
The Genesis Project
Perfectly Generic Team
2022-04-13 12 Mage, Seer, Sylph Void
Class-only tests
God Tier Test: Class
2014-07-20 ~126 Maid, Sylph, Witch (Not applicable)
Mythological Class Quiz
Homestuck Examination
2017-12-03 40 Bard, Muse, Rogue (Not applicable)
Aspect-only tests
What Aspect Are You
firebraider (g0ggles, faldanil)
2012-08-26 48 (Not applicable) Mind, Void
Threefold Aspect Test
Homestuck Trispect
2013-09-25 ~166 (Not applicable) Breath(Soul)2, Heart(Love)3, Light1
The Extended Zodiac
What Pumpkin Games
2017-11-28 21 (Not applicable) Doom, Time
Expanded Aspect Quiz
2018-11-30 27 (Not applicable) Doom, Light

Examining personal results

Personally, I wouldn't put much weight into these results as the accuracy of these tests tend to vary, so the following pie charts are merely fun visuals for myself and onlookers, though I have previously assessed myself as a “Mage of Void” in the past. In addition, there's also classes with gender alignments, but this could also be a case of unreliable narrator, so who cares.

pie title Classes considered %%{init: {'theme':'dark'}}%% "Seer" : 6 "Sylph" : 5 "Mage" : 3 "Rogue" : 3 "Page" : 2 "Witch" : 2 "Bard" : 1 "Heir" : 1 "Maid" : 1 "Muse" : 1

pie title Aspects considered %%{init: {'theme':'dark'}}%% "Void" : 5 "Doom" : 4 "Time" : 4 "Light" : 3 "Life" : 3 "Heart" : 2 "Breath" : 1 "Hope" : 1 "Mind" : 1 "Space" : 1

> Wait, no, go over that gender alignment shit.

Complicated tests

Page of Hopes's Test (2011)

The Homestuck Title Test, attributed to Tumblr user “thepageofhopes” on November 29, 2011, is the test which borrows the Enneagram of Personality and 16PF Questionnaire. As a warning, this test does include fan classes and fan aspects, which generally considered its weakest point if you're unlucky enough to get these factors. This aside, below is a rewording of the test's instructions and charts.

  1. To find your class:
  2. Read about your Enneagream type and pick a “Level of Development” you resonate with.
  3. To find your aspect:
    • Take the 16PF questionnaire (80 questions), but don't use the chart just yet.
    • Flip the percentages (i.e. “100%-OLD%=NEW%”) for Tension and Anxiety.
    • If your level was 1-4, use the highest factor. If your level was 5-9, use the lowest factor.


Type Class Type Class
1w9 Spark/Fiend/Agent 1w2 Heir
2w1 Maid/Serf 2w3 Star
3w2 Prince/Queen 3w4 Thief
4w3 Page 4w5 Soul/Poet
5w4 Seer 5w6 Mage
6w5 Knight 6w7 Witch/Ace
7w6 Bard/Voice 7w8 Rogue
8w7 Chief 8w9 Sage
9w8 Sylph/Duke 9w1 Monk

Note: If you are looking at this chart, also consider looking at the Enneagram × Homestuck Classpects chart.


Factor Aspect Factor Aspect
Warmth Light Intellect Mind
Emotional Stability Blood Aggressiveness Blaze
Liveliness Life Dutifulness Form
Social Assertiveness Breath Sensitivity Heart
Paranoia Keys Abstractness Space
Introversion Void Anxiety Doom
Open-mindedness Hope Independence Time
Perfectionism Zen Tension Rage

3.5 Part Title Test (2012)

The Homestuck Title Test, attributed to former Tumblr user “inaniloquacity” on November 13, 2012, is a test borrowing the Jungian personality types, Triarchic theory of intelligence, HEXACO model of personality structure, and six levels of emotional maturity, with significant contributions by Homestuck theorist “bladekindEyewear” (BKEW),3) but it's old and many links are broken.

  1. Take the following tests and save the results.
  2. To find your class:
    • Pick the cognitive function with the highest percentage out of the following four: Ne, Ni, Se, Si.
    • Using the chart, combine this with your preferred triarchic intelligence.
    • If there's a gendered class conflict, then use your second-preferred triarchic intelligence.
    • (Writer's note: If you can't find your preferred triarchic intelligence, and you're taking several of these tests anyways, I'd just consider the entire row of classes and come back to it later.)
  3. To find your aspect: fill in Chris's Aspect Test.
    • Calculate the average by adding up the six factors and dividing by six.
    • Find the category with the number furthest away from this average to find the aspect pair.
    • If the number is higher, use the left side. If the number is lower, use the right side.
    • However, if your emotional maturity level was 1-3, then use the opposite aspect instead.


Analytic Creative Practical
Ne Extroverted
Witch Prince Knight
Ni Introverted
Seer Sylph Rogue
Se Extroverted
Maid Mage Thief
Si Introverted
Heir Bard Page


Higher Lower
H Honesty-Humility Light Void
E Emotionality Blood Breath
X Extraversion Mind Heart
A Agreeableness Hope Rage
C Conscientiousness Time Space
O Openness Life Doom

Enneagram × Homestuck Classpects (2015)

“Enneagram × Homestuck Classpects” (v1, v2), attributed to Tumblr user “pressl2pee” around 2015, were posts that borrowed the Enneagram of Personality to provide a general idea about your potential classpect. The first version proposes two classes with four aspects, which could be a problem if both classes have gender alignments, while the second version proposes four classes with two aspects.

Version 1

Center Wing Classes Aspects
Body 8w7 Thief, Rogue Heart, Mind,
Space, Time
8w9 Prince, Bard
9w8 Witch, Heir
9w1 Knight, Page
1w9 Mage, Seer
1w2 Maid, Sylph
Heart 2w1 Knight, Page Hope, Rage,
Breath, Blood
2w3 Witch, Heir
3w2 Thief, Rogue
3w4 Prince, Bard
4w3 Mage, Seer
4w5 Maid, Sylph
Head 5w4 Maid, Sylph Light, Void,
Life, Doom
5w6 Mage, Seer
6w5 Prince, Bard
6w7 Knight, Page
7w6 Witch, Heir
7w8 Thief, Rogue

Version 2

Center Wing Classes Aspects
Body 8w7 Prince, Bard,
Maid, Sylph
Space, Time
8w9 Hope, Rage
9w8 Breath, Blood
9w1 Heart, Mind
1w9 Life, Doom
1w2 Light, Void
Heart 2w1 Thief, Rogue,
Knight, Page
Hope, Rage
2w3 Heart, Mind
3w2 Light, Void
3w4 Life, Doom
4w3 Breath, Blood
4w5 Space, Time
Head 5w4 Witch, Heir,
Mage, Seer
Light, Void
5w6 Life, Doom
6w5 Heart, Mind
6w7 Breath, Blood
7w6 Space, Time
7w8 Hope, Rage

Jungian Classpecting (2020)

The Jungian Classpect Test, attributed to former Tumblr blog “jungianclasspecting” on February 2, 2020, is a test that, as the name would suggest, borrows the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. While the test is fairly simple, the charts used to find your class and aspects are hideous and unintuitive, so I've reworded the test's instructions and especially reworked the charts to be less of an eyesore.


MBTI Result Extrovert (E) Introvert (I)
Altruism Sensing (S) Bard Maid
Under 66% (S/N) Knight Page
Intuitive (N) Seer Sylph
Egoism Sensing (S) Prince Heir
Under 66% (S/N) Thief Rogue
Intuitive (N) Mage Witch


MBTI Results Optimism Pessimism
Judging (J) Feeling (F) Hope Blood
Under 66% (F/T) Heart Doom
Thinking (T) Light Time
Perceiving (P) Feeling (F) Breath Rage
Under 66% (F/T) Life Mind
Thinking (T) Space Void


  • The original RLabs Quiz had listed “MSPA Forums / MSPA Wiki” and 4chan's “Homestuck General” as possible communities,4) but this were changed to “Twitter” and “Discord” respectively, plus it lumped “Tumblr” with “DeviantArt” as the original test assumed you were a Tumblr user. In addition, the modern version also removes “le reddit” from the Reddit option and replaces “IRC” with Discord.
  • A surprising amount of people actually trust the aspect that the Extended Zodiac gives them,5) but I'd write this off as skewed due to its status as an “official” test and recency bias.
A mythological role in Homestuck is often called a “classpect”, a portmanteau of class and aspect.
A successful session requires a Time and Space player, or else the player(s) are sent into a null session and forced to scratch the game. If you have multiple players, keep in mind that we haven't seen a session with multiples of one aspect, so there is a theory that a player with a matching aspect could be given another aspect if the session calls for it, but this isn't definitely canonical.
"Find your Sburb title!" (December 8, 2021). RLabs.
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