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Twitch is a live streaming service that began as a spinoff of in 2011 but later absorbed it, then the service was acquired by Amazon for $970 million in 2014.1) They're generally focused on video game streaming and creative content, but with some obvious restrictions in place.

I can't stress enough that Twitch is a huge service with 40,000+ streamers and 1,000,000+ viewers at any moment,2) on top of it being hailed as the new television.3) To give you an idea of what type of content is available, a crude list of classifications are the next section.


Competitive gaming

It's no surprise that a video game streaming service would draw in amateur and professional players or teams that are just skilled at competitive, multiplayer video games as well as tournaments.

Of course, the concept of esports didn't appear out of nowhere. The idea of competitive gaming spans back to the 1970s, plus the fighting game community still exists to this date.

Multiplayer roleplaying

A high number of GTA 5 streams feature players roleplaying through use of a FiveM server, such as NoPixel. Despite this odd premise, it manages to hook a significantly large daily audience.

Most of the appeal is that engaging or entertaining situations develop spontaneously, so the viewers wouldn't know what to expect next. Just don't get too heated4) and know it's a time sink.5)

Variety streaming

Most streamers aspire to be a variety streamer as it's more liberating when your audience will stick around for anything, compared to being a one-trick pony that people only watch during a boom.

However, nothing is consistent in a variety stream, so you can't expect every single streamer and chatroom to be uniform. The only thing consistent is a purple “subscribe” button.


The art of speedrunning can be intriguing, but it can also be incredibly tedious when it's just one person and not a huge speedrunning marathon event, relay race, or competition like association football.

Don't tune into a speedrunning stream expecting a world record or personal best. Instead, appreciate the frustrations in perfecting the art and attempts to juggle chatroom interactions.

Flavor of the month

When a highly anticipated new game is released, a percentage of streamers will flock to it. Some may have a genuine interest, while others are looking to poach new potential viewers for themselves.

In the worst case scenario, you have no interest in the new game, but over half of the streamers that you follow are now streaming it and it disrupts your routine for a couple of days.


Twitch initially opened up to non-gaming streams with Creative and IRL in the mid-2010s,6)7) then expanded by adding more categories in 2018 which allows for further categorization.8)

Of course, Twitch still has rules and guidelines, so they will ban for hate speech, self-destructive behavior, sexual content, unauthorized copyrighted content, and so forth.9)


A “subathon” (subscriber marathon) is a special type of stream where streamers will run a timer, which subscriptions can add time to,10) and stream until this timer hits zero. Of course, not all subathons are uncapped, some can be segmented (i.e. paused and continued later) or have a timer cap, which is useful if streaming isn't necessarially your primary, full-time job or you have other concerns.

Set time Amount of subscribers added
1 sub 5 subs 10 subs 20 subs 40 subs 50 subs 100 subs
10 seconds
+0:10 +0:50 +1:40 +3:20 +6:40 +8:20 +16:20
20 seconds
+0:20 +1:40 +3:20 +6:40 +13:20 +16:40 +33:20
30 seconds
+0:30 +2:30 +5:00 +10:00 +20:00 +25:00 +50:00
60 seconds
+1:00 +5:00 +10:00 +20:00 +40:00 +50:00 +1:40:00
90 seconds
+1:30 +7:30 +15:00 +30:00 +1:00:00 +1:15:00 +2:30:00
120 seconds
+2:00 +10:00 +20:00 +40:00 +1:20:00 +1:40:00 +3:20:00
270 seconds
+4:30 +22:30 +45:00 +1:30:00 +3:00:00 +3:45:00 +7:30:00
300 seconds
+5:00 +25:00 +50:00 +1:40:00 +3:20:00 +4:10:00 +8:20:00
450 seconds
+7:30 +37:30 +1:15:00 +2:30:00 +5:00:00 +6:15:00 +12:30:00
Tier 1 $4.99 $24.95 $49.90 $99.80 $199.60 $249.50 $499.00
Tier 2 $9.99 $49.95 $99.90 $199.80 $399.60 $499.50 $999.99
Tier 3 $24.99 $124.95 $249.90 $499.80 $999.60 N/A N/A

For anyone planning a 24/7 subathon, remember that Twitch broadcasts must be reset every 48 hours per guidelines11) and there are ways to avoid sleep deprivation, such as setting up a playlist of past VODs or YouTube videos, a Twitch Plays type stream, Words On Stream, etc. However, be mindful that your chatroom may need moderators in these uncommon hours.

Third-party extensions

  • 7TV GitHub last commit (branch)
    An enhancement suite for Twitch, Kick, and YouTube that supports BTTV and FFZ emotes by default. Icons used for settings. Be warned that a handful of streamers may be opposed to 7TV.12)
  • BetterTTV (BTTV) GitHub last commit (branch)
    A basic enhancement suite for Twitch and YouTube, which also supports FFZ and 7TV emotes. You can find the settings under the “chat settings” menu or the “user menu” dropdown.
  • FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) GitHub last commit (branch)
    An extensive Twitch enhancement suite that I recommend, which also supports BTTV and 7TV emotes using modules. It has its own settings icon, but you can also check the “chat settings” menu.
  • TwitchNoSub GitHub last commit (branch)
    This extension is for watching VODs for a Twitch channel that has set them to subscribers only. If you believe older VODs are being hidden from view,13) then check with TwitchTracker.
  • TTV LOL PRO GitHub last commit (branch)
    One of the few extensions that blocks advertisements on Twitch and still gets updated. No guarantees though. Alternatively, you could try one of the entries listed on this list or this list.


  • Never purchase via mobile app. Apple and Google both charge a mobile transaction fee.
  • Be mindful of the parasocial relationship that can develop between streamers and the viewers!
    • In other words: don't get celebrity worship syndrome, don't get all your opinions from somebody who sits at a computer for a living, and popular streamers are taxed higher for a reason.
    • As a challenge, don't waste the free Prime Gaming subscription on the first streamer that asks.
  • Partnered streamers are, contractually, not allowed to disclose their Twitch income. The only exception are grandfathered contracts, though it isn't known if the contracts allowing this still exist.
    • On October 5, 2021, an anonymous 4chan user managed to disclose streamer incomes between August 2019 and October 2021,14) publishing an unofficial Top 10,000 streamers list.15)16)
  • There used to be no way to change your username until February 24, 2017.17) You could only remake your account or make a new account, thus why my account says it was made in 2014.
  • At one point, it had a global KBTIT emote called “ArigatoNas” from March 201718) to January 2020.19)
  • Both laughing emotes, “LUL” (TotalBiscuit) and “KEKW” (El Risitas), are now deceased.
    • The original “LUL” image was DMCA'd by the photographer, which is why the global “LUL” emote is slightly altered for legal reasons20) and why BTTV offers a global “LuL” emote.
  • During the 2020 U.S. election cycle, users had been suspended for showing CNN-hosted debates.21)
  • Why do streamers keep moving to Los Angeles, CA or Austin, TX anyways?
  • The exact rule that prohibits knowingly letting suspended users onto your stream, unless it happens to be beyond the streamer's control, is “suspension evasion” in the community guidelines.22)
  • Historically, Smashcast (Azubu + Hitbox) and Mixer were Twitch alternatives. Now, there is YouTube and Facebook, then Kick, followed by obscure ones like Trovo and Rumble.
    • From June 6, 2023 to October 22, 2023,23) Twitch had banned simulcasting on any alternative “Twitch-like” platforms, excluding “mobile-first” services (e.g. TikTok, Instagram). This guideline would later be revised to simply forbid sabotage (e.g. calls to leave Twitch, only providing a bad feed on Twitch) and usage of third-party services or tools to combine chat activity.

See also

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The community around roleplaying has a slight toxicity issue where some viewers might feel obligated to heckle random streamers when their preferred streamers are “losing” in a roleplaying scenario, sometimes using Reddit (e.g. /r/rpclipsgta, /r/livestreamfail) to omit context and invite organized harassment.
These streams can last for hours, which can affect a viewer's productivity. As for streamers, be warned that roleplaying can end up infecting your daily life and schedule if you let it, as the city never sleeps.
"Introducing Twitch Creative" (October 28, 2015). Twitch.
It's up to the streamer's discretion if bits and donations through third-party services also add/remove time.
Some channels may show the last two weeks of VODs when they actually have last two months. Of course, keep in mind that streamers have the right to delete VODs at any given time.
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You can do this by looking up a channel, going to the streams tab, select a week, select a specific day or stream, and hover over the top of the chart where the clips would appear.
If you're manually grabbing clips from a Twitch channel: replace “” with “”, delete the “channelname/clip/” part, and delete the question mark along with everything that follows it.
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